Jam from a pumpkin - a prescription |How to cook pumpkin jam

Jam from the pumpkin can be seen not often.The fact that the pumpkin more likely to make porridge or used to celebrate different holidays.But it turns out, pumpkin jam, the recipe of which you will find below, it is a very tasty treat.How to make jam from pumpkin to pumpkin jam it turned out not only delicious but also very useful.

Jam from a pumpkin - a recipe traditional

To make jam from a pumpkin, to cook the sugar syrup (1 kg sugar - 1.5 cups of water) and then he Uvarov it almost to a state of a thin thread (that is, the finished syrup must flow from a spoonfine thread).After that, the pumpkin itself to make jams good wash and peel and seeds.All pumpkin flesh cut into cubes with side 1 cm, and then pour already prepared hot syrup and cook together over low heat until cooked pumpkin jam.

Important Note that the jam of pumpkin, cooked in this recipe should be dark amber.In a ready-made jam from a pumpkin to taste can add a little grain of citric acid or a pinch of vanilla.So it will be more refin


How to make jam from a pumpkin - an alternative recipe

To make jam from a pumpkin, you need to take the cleaned pumpkin, and just cut it into cubes of 2 cm then boil somewhere around 1 liter of water with vinegar glass, cool it and pour over chopped.pumpkin so that the liquid is completely covered pieces of pumpkin.Infusions Give this mixture to cook pumpkin jam.

Within 4-5 hours, you can strain the pumpkin through a sieve and put the jam from a pumpkin into a suitable bowl, fill with sugar again.Leave the dishes in 4-5 hours in the refrigerator.Pumpkin juice is to let the present.Just make jam from a pumpkin you need in a couple of visits, bringing the fire to boil, and then maintaining it at normal room temperature until cool.

Jam from a pumpkin with orange - the recipe

All the ingredients in the recipe of pumpkin jam just complement each other perfectly.Jam from the pumpkin, cooked in this recipe, it turns out delicate, you can say that to the best of sweet.At the same time it has an interesting feature - the longer is, the sweeter become.

And so, a delicious jam recipe pumpkin: you have to cut as much as possible smaller orange, as well as a sour lemon.In a large pot add water, then add a little sugar and fresh fruit that you like.All this is necessary to cook on low heat, stirring occasionally, for about 30-40 minutes to cook jam from a pumpkin.Then the very pumpkin jam cut into cubes of about 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm and add boiling water to the fruit.Boil all this is necessary to ready the main ingredient - pumpkin.This pumpkin will turn out to be a little bit hard, due to the presence of lemon.Keep a jam from a pumpkin in the refrigerator should be.