Mulberry jam - recipe |How to cook the jam mulberry

mulberry jam, it's a rare jam, which only can be.However, if you have a mulberry tree, why not learn how to cook jam from mulberry?Recipe of mulberry jam is not so difficult.Any housewife can repeat it quickly and easily.

How to make jam from mulberry - advice

Most often, to make jams from mulberry (mulberry), the recipe of which we give below, taken nearly ripened mulberries, which are sufficiently strong, and a very pleasant flavor, and they are very sweet totaste, you can even say cloying.Fruits and mulberry jam, mulberry really helpful, they contribute to the stabilization of the normal blood volume in the body and act as a "cleaner" blood, in addition, more and has a number of different antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions and properties.A juice made from fresh berries mulberry - is a great remedy for cough.

The fact that it was prepared mulberry jam is not often, mostly from well-defined varieties: red, pink or purple.Especially delicious and so beautiful it turns jam, made from a mixture

of berries of all these species, according to the recipe below.This jam mulberry simply divine, and like even the most capricious children.

mulberry jam - recipe

Record simple ingredients for making jam mulberry: Mulberry fruit - 1 kg, sugar - 800gr.


To make mulberry jam, you can first cook a thick syrup of sugar and water, and only then boil the berries in this syrup over medium heat with it, in several stages.If one - you burn mulberry jam immediately.


A possible first to prepare mulberry jam, clear the garbage from different mulberry berries on top and fill with sugar and berries as such leave in a cool place to just a couple of hours until the mulberry berries will not allow rich juice.


Once the sugar has completely dissolved in the juice juicy berries, mulberry jam, the recipe of which you can see, you need a good boil over low heat for ten minutes, not more.Post a mulberry jam to cool, and then how would Dowar jam in the two stages, each lasting 15 minutes provarkoy.


After all, just roll up in a jam mulberry well sterilized jars under any cover, but preferably plastic.


Note that mulberry jam should not come out too thick in consistency.At the end of cooking, you can vary the taste by adding just a bit of citric acid.