12 August

Jam of pine buds - a prescription |How to make jam from pine buds

recipe for jam made from pine buds, very difficult.With that, the most difficult - is the collection of pine buds, which, although they appear throughout the year, but did not immediately updated on the tree.According to this, Jam of pine buds - this exquisite dish in any family.How to make jam from pine buds, the recipe of which, to be in such secrecy?

Jam of pine buds - a classic recipe


To prepare jam from pine buds, pine buds should be very good wash, then put in a bowl and pour on top of very cold water.So they soften and give juice.Then it is necessary to heat the water to the boil and cook for another 20-30 minutes, a slight reflux.


parallel, to make jams from pine buds, you can prepare a strong sugar syrup.To prepare the syrup for jam from pine buds need to be sure to mix the sugar with 2 cups of water and then heat it all until sugar is dissolved.For more fragrant jam from pine buds, you can use brown sugar.


After a certain time, you need to put the kidney using a skimmer in

a sugar syrup and then boil again about 20-30 minutes, until cooked jam of pine buds.


already preparing jam from pine buds simply decomposed into sterilized jars and then roll up the new and sterile caps.Required banks to deliver, upside down, on any flat surface and wrap up in a blanket, for example, until cool.This jam from pine buds, cooked according to our recipe, very tasty, a little bite with caramel.

How to make jam from pine buds - alternative recipe


From pine buds can be cooked jam and another recipe.To make jam from pine buds on this recipe, you need to carefully sort out and wash the kidney.Then cut each kidney in half, roll each in sugar, so it will let the real juice.Lay sliced ​​kidney should be layered in jars and pour them out there with the sugar layer by layer (1: 1 or 2: 1).


Jam of pine buds will taste better if the uppermost layer of the kidneys must be completely covered with sugar.The Bank does not need to be closed, but only lightly covered with gauze and put in the warmest and most dark place, from time to time it is necessary to shake until the sugar is completely dissolved and the syrup will not work.


Prepared for this recipe jam pine buds can not be considered jam, but he gladly use for the treatment of various respiratory diseases, as well as a general tonic for the dessert spoon to half a cup of boiling water twice a day.