Jam made from nuts - Recipe |How to cook the jam nuts

To prepare the jam nut is best to use a completely green nuts.There are 2 main types of jam nuts.The first - the so-called black jam nuts, the recipe of which you will find below, that is, when it is boiled walnuts in green peel and eat white jam nut - this is when the jam is made from walnuts, which are already peeled completely.How to make jam from the two kinds of nuts, we will tell you in this article.

Black jam nuts - Recipe


To prepare jam nuts, nuts should be thoroughly washed and then carefully Blanch in a small amount of water to such a state that they simply protykivalis splinter (with blanching water is only slightly covered nuts).


Then the nuts can get out of the water, completely dry, and even pierce in a couple of places and then splinter lard his pieces of dried cloves, cinnamon, dried orange peel slices, you can add the almond kernel (the same seasonings can adda syrup).Then, for making jam nuts on our recipe they need to pour hot, perfectly boiled syrup and then leave for t

wo days.


Thereafter, the syrup may be simply drained, and the rest need to boil down until small bubbles in the skimmer (if gently blow on the skimmer taken out of syrup, on the opposite side of the holes will form small bubbles) and pour over the nuts again.


jam nuts need to infuse then another day, and then fully drain the syrup, boil again, and then report back to him a little more nuts and boil them together for 15-20 minutes on low heat.Already cooked jam nuts put in jars and close the conventional paper covers.For homemade syrup take water that was left by blanching nuts.

How to cook the jam from walnuts - recipe white walnut jam


To prepare jam nut on the other recipe, you need to take 100 unripe walnuts.They have a bitterness to get rid of it, nuts dipped in cold water somewhere in the 50-60 days, and during this period a few times change or add water.Then clean off with walnuts green rind and very carefully washed in running water.And already for the final disposal of sharp bitterness in the preparation of jam nuts, fruits placed in lime water, which is done at the rate of 1 tbsp.spoons slaked lime per liter of cold water.


Then, for making jam nuts, soaked walnuts boiled in two or three waters for a couple of minutes with short breaks in a couple of hours.Then we need to make a cup of syrup of sugar and a liter of water and boil the nuts already there for 2-3 hours.The syrup should be emptied.Again brewed fresh syrup from 1 kg of sugar and 1 cup water.Brewed all until tender.

jam from walnuts with skin -

recipe for jam from walnuts, a recipe which you will find below, it is important to gather the fruits of lactic ripeness - when they can be pierced with a toothpick free.This maturation step is observed in the beginning of June.Green walnuts strong taste bitter, so not to spoil the taste of the future of jam, before cooking them need to soak before cooking jam nuts.The longer the term of the nuts in the water, the greater the chance to eliminate the bitterness.Soaked walnuts, regularly changing the water, for 10 days - a month.

When a long preparatory process for the preparation of jam nuts came to an end, to begin preparing your own jam.Soaked walnuts pierce with a fork and cook for two to three hours.Meanwhile, prepare the syrup for jam nuts - if you have one kilogram of nuts, you will need the same amount of sugar dissolved in water.We bring the mixture to a boil and add the fruit to nuts.The resulting mass cook another two hours, and after insist throughout the day.Before the end of cooking in a jam nut can, if desired, add cocoa, lemon zest, cinnamon, ginger - at your discretion.

How to cook the jam from walnuts peeled

To eliminate the bitterness of green fruit in the preparation of jam nuts can be used mortar (100 grams of hydrated lime per liter of water).This solution was placed presoaked shelled walnuts lactic mature for 24 hours.Then fruit again soaked in water for about three days, changing the water.After all these procedures for making jam nuts on this recipe, nuts should be pierced with a fork and well boil in three doses with an interval of between 7-8 hours.Then walnuts placed into the boiling sugar syrup and cook, stirring occasionally, until tender.

process of making jam from walnuts is very time consuming, however, obtained this result is definitely worth it.Dessert is not only exquisite taste, original design, but also a whole set of useful properties.

Useful properties jam nut

Walnuts and jam nut - extremely useful product, which consists of free amino acids, tannins, antioxidants, vitamins C, PP, group B, zinc, iron, manganese, cobalt, copper,iodine, carotene and essential oils.These fruits have anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, tonic, wound healing, anthelmintic effect.

Walnuts and jam nuts are beneficial to the nervous system by stimulating brain activity, help with headaches, stress and depression.Kernels stimulate and normalize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, are useful for infertility and impotence.Walnuts are suitable for diabetics or people losing weight, becauseIt is a dietary product with a wide range of nutrients and a hypoglycemic effect.

Save beneficial healing properties of green walnuts as possible to prepare from them delicious jam on one of the following recipes below.The fruit for dessert chosen by young, with soft inner shell, which can be easily pierced with a toothpick.It's time to collect the nuts and making jam - the beginning of summer.