Currant jam - recipe |How to cook the jam of currant

currant jam is very popular among gardeners.Recipe of currant jam includes both black currant, and red.Just ripe black currants are much sweeter than red, so this should be taken into account when calculating the amount of sugar when cooking.How to cook the jam of currant, we will tell you today.

currant jam - recipe classical

And so, for making jam currant we need: black currants - 1 kg, sugar - 400-500g.


To prepare jam currant, currants carefully pre-washed, carefully separated from the brush, slowly pour a few spoonfuls of pure water and stirring constantly with a spoon boiled jam, berry to became soft.When boiling jam currants necessarily added parts sugar, and not all at once.After the last portion of currant jam cook about 10 more minutes.


Yet, almost in full state of currant jam filled to the brim with the banks, which are wrapped with a damp towel.Be sure to wipe the edge of the fast, and instantly enhance all covers, and the banks are turned upside down, covered with a thick clot

h and leave to cool in the coolest place in the house.Before storage jars of jam from a currant sure to wipe with a damp cloth.

How to cook the jam of currant - prescription alternative

To prepare jam currants carefully Enumerated and washed berries to put in a bowl, fill with sugar and heated to 60 ° C.If there is no thermometer, just watch for berries in the preparation of jam - when the mass begins to move slightly, stir it well from outside to inside, and then remove from heat.It is important that the jam currant simply not allowed to bring to the appearance of the foam.Then just need to put the berries in hot sterilized jars, roll up tightly.Keep a currant jam, cooked according to our recipe, it is necessary in the refrigerator.

important to know that currant - is not only delicious but also very useful berry.In currant and currant jam a lot of different vitamins, minerals, fruit acids.That is why currant jam may be useful to you at any time of the year.It may be a good preventive measure against many viral diseases.

currant jam "Orientation meeting" - a recipe


To prepare jam currant, pour into a bowl that we use for cooking jam, 5 kg of sugar and pour back the 7.5 cups of cold water.Put the bowl on the fire, bring to a boil and boil, and then a few more minutes, until the syrup will be quite transparent.


in already boiling syrup in the preparation of jam currant berry bed and gently spoon immerse them in syrup, not all stroke.If all at once - the berries are definitely stick together.Turn off everything and leave in this position currant jam at night.


The day we put a basin on the fire, and again bring to a boil, remove the foam is formed by, turn off everything and leave again inherit day.


A day again cook a little longer jam from blackcurrants.Again we obtain our bowl with currant jam, the bed on fire, bring it to a boil, and constantly enough and carefully remove all froth and boil for about 15 minutes.

How to check the readiness of currant jam

Check the readiness of jam of black currants in the simplest way: pour a completely flat cold plate 2 - 3 tablespoons of syrup and wait for cool.Then hold a spoon track, if the edges have a track does not converge - currant jam exactly ready.It can be a little different check cook jam of blackcurrant: a drop of chilled blackcurrant jam drips on the nail of the thumb and finger dramatically overturn if a drop fell - currant jam again ready.

Features cooking currant jam on our recipes

Jam Blackcurrant get much sweeter than that of red currants.The fact that this is because of the amount of vitamin C in black and red berry.Black currant is considered to be very useful for the view, therefore, currant jam in the winter - is the best medicine for the eyes.Jam Blackcurrant all cooked very quickly, on this its like to do summer visitor.At the same time it is interesting that at high speed cooking berries do not boil soft, and vitamins are stored in them completely.Average currant jam need to boil a few times, but the jam of black currant does not need this.Jam Blackcurrant is prepared with the addition of water.

Jam Blackcurrant has so many useful properties of this, it can be eaten all year round, at the same time, the main thing to keep it properly.