Lingonberry jam - recipe |How to make lingonberry jam

lingonberry jam can be used in many dishes very precisely because of its unusual taste.We'll tell you how to cook lingonberry jam, so it turned out not too sweet, and had a very rich taste and aroma.Lingonberry jam can be used as usual jam - with ice cream, tea, or in baking pancakes.Lingonberry jam recipe which can be used as blanks for the winter, often served to roast poultry and meat, as well as well-suited for grilled cheese

lingonberry jam - recipe

To prepare the cranberry jam is necessary to take 1 kg of cranberries, 1 piece of cinnamon insticks, 0.5 kg of sugar, cloves 3 pieces.Cranberries carefully plucked, washed, and pour boiling water, then the water is drained immediately to prepare lingonberry jam.Lingonberry formed in the pan.Per 100 ml of water per 1 kg of water is added cranberries and sugar.The mixture is put on a small fire for cooking.

During cooking cranberry jam it is necessary to gradually stir while adding cinnamon stick and cloves.To improve the taste a bit of added lemon z

est.After lingonberry jam starts to boil, cook it over medium heat for about 5 minutes, then turn off the fire.Cooled down lingonberry jam, cooked in this recipe, and dispersed on the banks closed.

Little secrets for cooking cranberry jam


Lingonberry should be carefully go through and rinse, to avoid falling into a jar of lingonberry jam spoiled berries.


Fruits cranberries have a specific bitterness that not every soul.From it you can get rid problanshirovat berries, ieshowering them with boiling water when cooking cranberry jam.

How to make lingonberry jam with honey

To prepare the cranberry jam 1 kg cranberries takes 700 grams of honey, 3 clove bud, cinnamon, half a glass of water and lemon peel.Berries are moving carefully with their garbage removed, washed and obsushivayut.Thereafter, they are blanched, lowering of 2-3 minutes in boiling water.This action is done in order to remove the bitter taste, which is not needed in the preparation of cranberry jam on our recipe.The container is added to boiling water, honey and boil over medium heat.

lingonberry jam with pear - a recipe

Very tasty lingonberry jam obtained with the addition of pear jam recipe for this, see below.Usually cranberries and pear mixed one to one to 1 kg of sugar and take 1,2-1,4 kg.Ripe and very sweet pears are peeled, seed coat is removed, and a fruit dipped for 3 minutes in boiling water.Cowberry berries are moving, washed, dried, and also processed with boiling water to cook lingonberry jam.Lingonberry jam recipe which we were told is cooked almost to full readiness, in the end it adds slices of pear.Ready jam poured into banks in hot form.Keep lingonberry jam its best in a cool place.

cranberry jam with apples - how to cook

To prepare lingonberry jam on this recipe, the berries are sorted out, remove the crushed, rotten, blackened and unripened, washed in cold water in a colander and settle for 2-3 minutes dipped in boiling water.Allow the water to drain.Berries cranberries poured 50% sugar syrup - 500 g of sugar per 500 ml of water, stand 8-12 hours, over moderate heat until cooked boiled cranberry jam.One sugar used for the preparation of sugar syrup to lingonberry jam, and the other - is poured in small portions before the end of cooking.To improve the taste, you can add lingonberry jam slices of sweet varieties of apples and honey, cinnamon, cloves.

lingonberry jam with apples - recipe

To prepare lingonberry jam on this recipe, hard, sour apples clean from the seeds and rind, cut into small slices.Cranberries, rinse and pour over boiling water.Prepare the syrup: in two cups of water to dissolve thoroughly 2.5 kilos of sugar and bring to a boil.Put this mixture in fruits and berries.Cook until tender mass in one step, lingonberry jam packaged in hot sterilized jars.Recipe cranberry jam calculated per kilogram of apples and cranberries kilo.

lingonberry jam - recipe with pumpkin

To prepare lingonberry jam, for this recipe berries fill with sugar and cook, stirring frequently for half an hour.Pumpkin cleaned, cut into small pieces and add to the cranberries per 1 kg of berries 0.5 pumpkin.Massa cook until soft pumpkin.