Gooseberry jam - recipe |How to make jam from gooseberry

Gooseberry is popularly known as the northern grapes.gooseberry Berries are used extensively in cooking, medicine and cosmetology.Because gooseberry prepared: jam, gooseberry jam, juices, jellies, jelly, wine, teas, herbal teas, fruit drinks.The recipe is simple gooseberry jam, and how to cook jam from gooseberry we'll tell you below.

gooseberry jam - recipe classical


To prepare jam gooseberry green required, slightly unripe fruit.Go through them and rinse in water.From the berries need to separate the stalk and chop with a fork all.If you are not afraid of the complexity of the process, can be put in the middle of each fruit on walnuts.


To prepare jam gooseberry, gooseberries treated place for half an hour in cold water.Meanwhile, prepare the syrup for gooseberry jam: for one kilogram of berries, dissolve 1.7 kg of sugar in 600 ml of water and bring to a boil.


To prepare jam gooseberry, to lay out the hot syrup hips, turn off the heat and allow the mixture to cool and infuse.Then re

move with a slotted spoon gooseberries, and the liquid will boil a few minutes.Now you can again spread in syrup berries for making jam from gooseberry.Cook for 5 minutes after the boil again remove from heat and let stand until cool.Last time the jam cook for about 20 minutes in boiling syrup, pour hot on sterile jars, roll covers, wrap cloth and put into a dark place.


Variations gooseberry jam recipe involves adding additional ingredients, such as vanilla or orange peel.

cooking tips jam gooseberry

To save an incredible emerald hue of gooseberry jam, into the boiling syrup for a few minutes, you can add cherry leaves.

How to make jam from gooseberry - alternative recipe

usually for making jam from gooseberry can use any berries gooseberries.But the best option - to use a slightly underripe, small berries.In general, in order to make the gooseberry jam recipe should not be over saturated.You will only need directly, gooseberries, sugar, and of the water (if you do not set goals for themselves to make a thick jam).

Preparation of gooseberry jam:


To prepare jam gooseberry, gooseberries to wash, sort out and separate from the tails;


If you make jam with gooseberries large - split them in half and remove seeds;


berries are soaked for 8-12 hours in cold water before cooking jam gooseberry;


Then you need to cook the syrup for gooseberry jam.To this end, water is mixed with sugar and bring it to a hot state.The amount of water depends on the amount of the preparation of gooseberry jam.So, if you have 1 kg of the berries, you can safely take approximately 1-1,5kg sugar (depending on taste), and approximately 150 ml of water;


Berries blend, pour syrup and put on a slow fire to boil.Gooseberry jam, the recipe of which we have given, must literally boil for 3-5 minutes;


Jam from gooseberry needs to cool down.Then you need to put it back on low heat to a simmer for 3-5 minutes.And this procedure would be good to repeat a couple of times:


last point is up to you - you may already have a jam gooseberry, and can preserve it in a pre-prepared sterile jars.

Useful properties of gooseberry jam

Gooseberry jam and gooseberry has incredible nutritional value because it contains a rich set of vitamins (group B, A, C, PP, E), micro and macro elements (iodine, iron, potassium, manganese,phosphorus, sulfur, nickel, copper, sodium, calcium, etc.), organic acids, sugars and dietary fiber.With all this calorie gooseberries, and jam from gooseberry ridiculously small.

Gooseberry used in dietary nutrition, metabolic disorders.The fruits have a diuretic and choleretic effect, normalizes gastrointestinal tract.Berries strengthen the blood vessels and the immune system, reduce the harmful effects of radiation, removes harmful substances from the body.Gooseberries tend antitumor and anti-inflammatory effect.All this is an incredibly rich set of useful features, you can save, and prepare jam gooseberry.