Jam of dandelions - a prescription |How to cook the jam of dandelions

original taste of this nectarine jam of dandelions, a recipe which you will find below, the eternal winter evenings again and again gives the memory of tenderness warm wind.How to cook the jam of dandelions you will learn from this article.

Jam of dandelions - the recipe with lemon

Jam of dandelions in this recipe is quite simple to prepare.For a delicious jam of dandelions you need to strictly adhere to all the parameters of cooking the recipe.Proportions have long been proven, this is better vymerivat strictly all products and lay down in strict proportion.To cook the jam of dandelions, need to take on some 400 heads of dandelions 1 large lemon, 1 kg of sugar.Sami dandelions must be separated from the green parts, but the remaining yellow petals to pour 1 liter of water at room temperature for cooking jam of dandelions.Then add to the head divided into 4 parts lemon and it's all you need to cook for about 1-1.5 hours to cook the jam of dandelions.Then you need to cool down to room temperature, and

if there is time - let stand overnight.The mixture is better to filter and pitch a good squeeze.Pressed Petals can just throw it away, already cooked lemon should be cut as finely as possible, and in the broth put sugar and it all cook until the jam of dandelions will not be the right consistency.That is the jam should be like a good liquid honey.

How to cook the jam of dandelions - the recipe with orange

To cook the jam of dandelions on this recipe, you need to have these ingredients: 250 grams of dandelion flowers, 1.5 liter of pure water, 750 g of sugar per each liter of the finished broth, juice1 lemon, 2 ripe orange.It should be good to wash the oranges, then without clearing them from the peel, cut into slices and each slice can be a thin cut across.Then rinse thoroughly with dandelion flowers and dry them on paper towels or trepichnyh.To cook the jam of dandelions, dandelion and oranges to put in a bowl for jam and pour it all with water, and boil the ingredients for the jam of dandelions for 1 hour.Ready broth need to drain and measure the volume.Then you can put the lemon juice, and the necessary quantity of sugar.Then cook for another hour.Before filling the jam of dandelions in the banks need to cool down.

Jam of dandelions - the recipe with honey

Jam of dandelions is very suitable for the liver if it cook for the recipe.For the preparation you need about 300 fresh dandelion flowers, wash them thoroughly, then mix with finely chopped fresh lemon, and it all pour boiling water so that it completely covered the content and insist 5 hours for cooking jam of dandelions.Then carefully strain through cheesecloth, wring out even better, and then pour the liquid to any enamel bowl, then add to the sweetness better than 1 kg spring honey instead of sugar.It will be much more useful.And the whole mixture of ingredients for the jam of dandelions bring to a boil and boil for 1 hour by the small fire.

classic recipe for jam of dandelions

To make jam of dandelions on the classical recipe should be prepared 400 flowers in May with a dandelion head with orange sepals.Collection of plants is recommended to do at Forest Lawn at noon on a sunny day.Flowers wash, pour 2 cups of cold water and boil for 2 minutes to cook the jam of dandelions.In a colander to put clean gauze, discard it and dandelions carefully squeeze.In wrung yellow water pour 7 cups of sugar, put on fire and bring to a boil.Boil the jam of dandelions seven minutes from the time of boiling.Now the jam of dandelions ready.Pour it into jars and roll cover.This is a quick recipe for jam.

more difficult the course involves a long procedure.The first day dandelion flowers are soaked in cold water on their squeezed, poured 0.5 liters of water and boiled for 15 minutes.Three minutes before the end of cooking jam of dandelions add 1-2 chopped lemon zest, boil, then give the broth stand for days, filtered, and pieces of lemon flowers are discarded.Was added to the broth of 1.5 kg of sugar and cook the jam of dandelions in the three approaches to honey color.

How to cook the jam of dandelions, you know, so will be able to indulge in this amber dessert.