Jam from plums - the recipe |How to prepare jam from plums

Many love since childhood plum jam recipe which you will find below.For this recipe jam plum plum suit of any kind, and even size.You just need to know how to cook jam from plums to keep all useful actions plum.

Jam from plums - the classic recipe


To prepare jam from plums for this recipe, you need to carefully sort out the drain, then rinse well, and only then split in half and remove any seeds.Carefully behave with chipped bones in the preparation of plum jam, they need to withdraw completely, or plum jam just turn sour.Later sugar and the addition of water to cook the syrup saturated.


already pre-prepared plum put in syrup, the syrup is obliged to cover the drain.This was around the need to boil, then boil 5 minutes in a boiling state, and only then remove from heat and remove unnecessary formed foam.For 8 hours you need to again bring to a boil the jam of plums and remove from heat dish, collecting the foam.Then again wait for 8 hours and again has to resume preparation of plums jam at

this recipe, adding 1 hour. The citric acid and boil for another 5 minutes.It was only after all this, you can remove the product from the heat, and gently spread out on the banks and close them tightly capped.

What is interesting is that plum jam impress you very gentle and pleasant sweet-sour taste, it is not cloying.Another advantage of making jam from plums - you can cook any of the varieties of plums.Just if you have very soft and overripe fruit, choose a recipe seedless jam, or even make jam.And if a strong, even a little bit is not ripe berries, try to make clear the jam.

How to prepare jam from plums - the recipe with spices


To make jam of plums, ripe plum fruit must be carefully go through, a good wash.If you want to cook the jam with seeds, you just need to chop all the berries with a fork or make small incisions to drain during cooking simply do not burst.


Then you need to cook the usual sugar syrup to prepare jam from plums for this recipe.Take 1 kg plums somewhere 1-1.3 kg of sugar (it is you're looking at the most sweet plums) and 400 gr.simple clean water.On your taste, you can add all sorts of spices in the jam of plums: 1-2 sticks of cinnamon, 3-4 pieces.carnation.These additives give piquancy and be sure to enrich the taste.


already prepared berries just pour boiling, hot syrup and leave to stand in a dark room for 8 hours to the end of cooking jam of plums.Then just boil again and pour into banks, to roll them.

Jam dark varieties of plums with bone - recipe

To prepare jam from plums, the fruit is fully ripe plums to sort, wash and put at the kitchen towel to excess moisture glass.Each berry is necessary to pin prick, that during the preparation of plum jam, plum not burst or get a "torn to rags," and was beautiful and had a natural appearance.Some housewives prick with a fork or a knife make an incision peel.It's certainly not for everybody.

Cook the syrup from the calculation of plums for jam: 3 kg plums X 3-4 kg of sugar X 1-1.2 liters of water.The amount of sugar depends on the sweetness of fruit (one and the same timber at different times gives different in sweetness fruits).According to your taste and desire, you can add spices to the syrup to prepare jam from plums: 12-15sht cloves, cinnamon sticks 2-3.Spices spicing and special aroma of plum jam.

Prepare jars for jam from plums.To do this, clean half-liter jars and sterilize let dry.Covers boil.The banks are ready to lay the boiling jam of plums, plug the lid and leave to cool not wrapping.Juice of plums well kept in the cellar, pantry or other cool place.

little advice how to cook jam from plums

Jam from plums with bone is not subject to long-term storage.Maximum kept a jam of plums 1 year.Later shell bone begins to stand senile acid.And this, as we know, the strongest poison.

Royal plum jam - recipe

recipe plum jam is a little different from the above-described classical recipe of jam.Plums need strong, not perespevshie and bones have to be removed easily, without pulp.

Cooking jam of plums:

To prepare jam from plums and plum wash and clean from the bones, but to form a shell, and it could be "close" to get the drain again.In the middle of each plum-shells put "pearl" - half a walnut kernels.It can be replaced with walnuts or hazelnuts peanuts in the preparation of jam of plums for this recipe.

Boil syrup jam of plums, a rate of 1 Plum x 1.5 x 200g sugar water.Cool the syrup to 60 degrees and pour plum stuffed.Leave for a day, to berries soaked in syrup.Then pour the syrup, boil, cool, pour plum and leave for a day.This procedure is the preparation of jam of plums is repeated 5 times.The last time putting all of plums jam on the fire, bring to a boil, laid out on a clean jar and sealed lid.They taste nothing you tried, right ?!