Fig jam - recipe |How to make fig jam

Figs also called berry wine or figs.Berries consumed fresh, as well as from them prepare compote, wine, fruit jelly, fig jam, jelly, added to meat dishes, salads, pastries, dried and canned.The fig is very difficult to store and transport.To solve the problem, you can cook a delicious fig jam on our recipe.How to make fig jam, we now describe.

fig jam - recipe

Since figs are quite large and fleshy, cooking jam of figs takes a long time - about three days.However, the result is definitely worth the effort.

  • To make fig jam on our recipe, select, if possible, the youngest figs, without cracking or damage.Figs gently wash and cut the tails to make jams from figs.The resulting hole, place half a walnut kernels.Berries pierce in several places with a toothpick.
  • Boil the syrup of water and sugar (you can use grape juice instead of water), to prepare the fig jam.At one kilogram figs taken the same amount of sugar and half a liter of water to cook the jam for this recipe.Syrup bring to a boil, remove the f
    oam formed, fruit and put a spoonful of lemon juice, to make jams from figs.Wait a few minutes, remove the weight from the heat and let it infusions for about 10 hours.After this period, again bring fig jam to a boil, soak a few minutes and set aside maintained.For the third time already figs can be boiled until tender, ieappearance density.
  • Ready fig jam pour into banks, let cool (no covering) and roll covers.

fig jam with lemon juice - recipe

ingredients to cook fig jam:

  • 1 kg of figs;
  • 1 kilogram of sugar;
  • lemon juice to taste;
  • vanilla to taste.

Recipe for fig jam will be able to realize the best way, if you will choose for the preparation of this dessert, ripe fruit without cracks.Clean them with a soft brush, and gently remove the stem, so as not to disturb the integrity of the shell.Choose to make jams figs average grades - paring his softer, and it should not be cut, as is the case with dark fruit.


Next figs need to prick with a fork and blanch at a temperature of 80-90 degrees for about 5 minutes.Now remove the figs and cool it in cold water to cook the jam.


While figs cools, cook syrup to make jams for this recipe.Let cool until warm it and fill figs.Fig jam boil for about 10 minutes, then remove from heat and insist approximately 8 hours.Then again, repeat the above procedure 2 more times to cook fig jam.Boil fig jam recipe that we offer, it is necessary to the transparency of the fruit.At the end of cooking jam of figs, you can add vanilla and lemon juice as desired.To make fig jam enough palatable 2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice and 1/3 bags of vanillin.Lemon juice can be replaced with a small amount of citric acid, although fig jam you like it too neat.


There is also a second version of the recipe cooking jam of figs, in accordance with which the fruit must first fill with sugar and to insist 5-7 hours, then cook until tender for 30-40 minutes, pouring in the early preparations 1 cupwater.When the syrup drop will not spread over the saucer, fig jam is ready.It can preserve or immediately try.

How to make fig jam - especially cooking


figs are very perishable and wanders after shearing a tree.Cooking fig jam do not need to import the fruits of the beautiful unknown than treated, and using black shriveled figs from the Crimea, the Caucasus or Central Asia.


figs will sing twice a year - in June and September.To prepare a delicious fig jam is better to use the fruits of autumn.


cooking fig jam you need at a very low heat - boiling should be barely noticeable.Stopping should be very careful not to damage the berries to cook fig jam.


If you add a fig jam a little rum, it will stay much longer.

Useful properties of figs jam

figs useful for vessels, muscles and nervous system.Its fruits lower cholesterol, stimulate appetite and normalize the digestive tract.Wine berry helps respiratory diseases and the common cold, has antipyretic properties.

fig jam is perfect for tea, prepare the filling for pies.From it you can always make a tasty jelly.If you wish to add to the fig jam nuts - thanks to them, the product will become more refined taste.