Braga out of the jam - recipe |How to make jam from Braga

Braga is the oldest alcoholic beverage, which in ancient Rus' was made of birch or maple syrup.We'll show you how to cook jam from Braga, the recipe is simple and is a good way to use surplus stocks jam.

Braga out of the jam - recipe

ingredients for making home brew out of a jam:

  • jam;
  • clean water;
  • sugar;
  • fruit and raisins;
  • capacity, which is preparing the wort and yeast;
  • wine yeast 3% th;
  • fermentation vessel, which is equipped with a water seal, this glove is used, the needle and cord;
  • thermometer;
  • stick or wooden paddle;
  • rubber hose or a small ladle;
  • a fine sieve or a bag which was sewn from white flannel.

How to make jam from Braga - User


To start cooking mash out of a jam, cooked thoroughly washed large container - a jar of milk or a glass wine bottle.If you wish to make a small amount of boiling mash enough to take a three-liter jar.If a vessel of glass is necessary to take enameled saucepan or pot for heating water.


The vessel is put sugar or jam and fermented for

making home brew in our recipe is filled with cold water.It is necessary to add sugar to a future mash was sweet, but not cloying.For all classic recipes, to 40 liters of water is used 10 liters of sugar and jam to cook home-made beer.The sweet wort also add raisins or softened sweet berries and fruits.


capacity is put over medium heat, and stir the resulting mixture is heated, for the preparation of home-made beer.It turns off the fire and the liquid cools down to room temperature.At this time, it is preparing to ferment.Fresh bred wine yeast in warm water to obtain a homogeneous mixture.The wort is added to ferment and everything is thoroughly mixed.


Future Braga out of a jam, cooked in this recipe is placed in a fermentation vessel and is mounted on a water slide or rubber gloves.Capacity with home brew out of the jam is placed in a warm place for cooking, where a variety of temperature fluctuations are excluded.Often, in order to speed up the process of making home brew out of a jam on this recipe, you need to put the fermentation container in protoplennuyu bath or to a battery.


Braga out of a jam, cooked in this recipe should be fully fermented.This process usually lasts for 8-14 days.It depends on the room temperature.Until the termination of the process of fermentation mash out of a jam must be good every day to stir wort wooden stick or a special paddle.


discontinued fermented liquid from the sediment with a rubber hose or a gently scooped a small ladle.Braga can percolate through the jam of white flannel bag or a fine sieve.After this drink is ready.

How to make home-made beer out of a jam and beer

To prepare the mash out of the jam will need 0.5 liters of jam, 100 grams of beer, and sugar to taste 3 liters of wash.Jam for mash moves in three-liter jar, pour boiled cold water, beer, and sugar is added.Bank closed with gauze and kept 10 days in a warm place.Beer Zhigulevskoe better use in the preparation of home-made beer out of a jam in this recipe.Braga out of the jam can be prepared from any tainted jam.To do this takes 6 liters of jams and bred 30 liters of warm water.The finished mixture is added to 200 grams of yeast.For large-ish brew, you must add 3 kg of sugar.The leaven of the jam for home-made beer is placed on 3-5 days in a warm place.The result is six liters and adding sugar - 9 liters.

Braga out of the jam - recipe with yeast

similar in ingredients brewed beer out of a jam, the recipe of which is the 1.5 l jam, 10 liters of water and 250 grams of yeast.The period of fermentation mash out of a jam is 5 days.The result is about 4-5 liters of wash.For the preparation of the mash must be mixed jam jam, diluted yeast and water.The resulting mixture is left to ferment to prepare home-made beer out of a jam and then distilled through moonshine.Number of moonshine output will depend largely on what kind of jam has been selected.The final amount will be directly dependent on the level of its sugar content.The higher this level is, the greater will result in a beverage.

How to make jam from fermented Braga


If fermented jam, you should not just throw it, because it is possible to prepare home-made beer.In the initial stages of the jam for home-made beer can digest, but if the initial stage for a long time has passed, the jam turns into a good home-made beer.It is necessary to remember or ask how much sugar has been used in the cooking of jam and, based on the proportion of sugar moonshine recipe can calculate the amount of water to be used for the fermentation.


can remember the content of sugar in the jam, but simply allow it to ferment with ordinary water and then distill it to cook home-made beer out of a jam.Dilute the jam for home-made beer is best to warm water to the yeast did not stop their work.The water temperature should not be less than 30 degrees.Stir the jam with warm water in a vat placed in a warm place, it is necessary to observe a must.Under normal fermentation of the wort to add yeast to be redundant, and if after some time there is no increase in active fermentation, the wort is necessary to add compressed or dry yeast.


should pay attention to the availability of seed and seed in a jam, in the preparation of home-made beer.If they are present, with the lowering of the bottom must be poured, separating the bones from it.Once the wort is fermented, it is necessary to give him a sludge after which the plant moonshine.


principle of the process of distillation of wash out of the jam is the same as in the example of sugar.Moonshine, made out of the jam can not be cleaned, if it is going to fill in for the long aging in oak barrels.In the manufacture of alcohol from berries or jam is distilled through a copper alambik, rather than through the moonshine.When copper alambike distillate stored in a large concentration of flavors than the distillation of by moonshine.