Jam of rowan - prescription |How to cook the jam of rowan

Many people somehow believe the red rowan berry itself inedible.The fact is that here you need time to gather a mountain ash, to cook the jam of rowan, the recipe of which you will find below.It is recommended that Rowan would have been collected since the very first frost.How to cook the jam of rowan today we will tell.

Jam of rowan - recipe


And so, the first thing to cook the jam of rowan, rowan cleanse thoroughly washed and cavity fill it with cold water or even ice.Berries must stand up in the room in such a state about one or two days.Thereafter, berries We reach the water and thoroughly dried.Then again, fill with water and so repeat 3 more times.After that you need to prepare the syrup to cook the jam of rowan.To prepare the syrup for jam of rowan need to pour the sugar water, then put on a small fire and then boiled our good syrup.


Once the syrup is ready to jam rowan, mountain ash to pour our hot syrup and then carry it to chill in the day.A day later, we take out the berries and

syrup that was just cook for about 20 minutes.After all these procedures, the bed berries back into the syrup and cook over medium heat again somewhere 30 minutes.After that cool jam rowan, we spill a ready-made jam of rowan on sterilized jars and twists them for the winter.


Speaking of proportions, for the preparation of jam rowan on this recipe, you need to take 1 kg of rowan berries frostbitten, 1.2 kg sugar, 1.5 cups of water.It is important that for cooking jam rowan harvested after the first frost.To be there was bitterness, rowan a must before cooking soak in cold water somewhere in the 1 day, you need to change the water twice.Already soaked berries necessarily be separated from the brush and carefully go through, remove all damaged and wrinkled berries to cook the jam of rowan.Then, after the selection of berries blanched in boiling water for some time where 10 minutes.In parallel, a real cook the sugar syrup and then put it with blanched berries and then well have to boil in two moves: the first time - 10 minutes, after which you need to cool and then leave for 10 hours.Then, to prepare a delicious jam of rowan berries need a separate and well boil down the syrup and then put it in the berries and make jam until ready.


Expanding jam rowan should be hot, and in the hot dry jars, and then need to tightly sealed them.In addition to this hot-fill the prescription so to speak, without sterilization, finished hot jam is spread in hot dry jars, cover with lids prepared in advance, with the loosely sealed and placed in a pan with heated to 70. ° C water and pasteurized at a temperature of waterin pan 90 ° C: 0.5 liter jars - 9 minutes and a capacity of 1.0 liters - 15 minutes.