Biscuit with jam - recipe |How to cook a cake with jam

everyone from early childhood to mind my grandmother's biscuit with jam.How to cook biscuits with jam?For the preparation of such a biscuit with jam must be 6 eggs, 115 grams of powdered sugar, 65 grams of flour.For the biscuit fillings is taken every 300 grams favorite jam, 250 ml cream, pretty fat, 30 grams of powdered sugar, and further a small amount of jewelry.To prepare the sponge cake with jam, the recipe of which we present below, will need to vegetable oil.

biscuit with jam - recipe


To prepare the sponge cake with jam, to start warming up the oven to 180 degrees.In parallel with these eggs separated into yolks and whites.The yolks are passed in a separate bowl and add to it 1 cup or 115 grams of powdered sugar.This mixture is whipped with a mixer prior to the acquisition of a light yellow color and does not become fluffy.


Then to cook biscuits with jam, add flour and stir everything again until smooth.In a separate bowl, whipped egg whites to form stiff peaks, then add them to the

yolks.Proteins must be carefully covered with a mixture of it being impossible to mix them carefully, as some can spoil the dough for biscuits.It should be in the air and lush.


Thereafter taken shape for baking biscuits with jam, to prepare for our recipe.In such proportions is better to take shape with dimensions 30x40 cm, or something close to it.Form veiled parchment paper, it is lubricated with vegetable oil and sprinkle with flour surveillance.It poured the dough for sponge cake, with its need to distribute the spatula to cook biscuits with jam for our recipe.


in the preheated oven baked dough 17 minutes until brown and golden.On a work surface put a clean towel, put on top of a sheet of parchment paper and sprinkled a small amount of powdered sugar.Once the cake has been pulled from the oven, it is necessary to immediately put on pre-cooked towel to cook biscuits with jam.


After that, for the preparation of sponge cake with jam, gently removed the bottom layer of parchment paper on which to bake the dough.To make the cake roll hot rolled into a roll with a towel.It is necessary for the subsequent form.After it has cooled, it is unwound again and smeared with jam and butter cream.


Creamy cream sponge cake with jam is very easy to prepare.Fatty cream whipped with 30 grams or 4 tablespoons of powdered sugar until until a fluffy foam.After that you need to roll biscuit with jam.Recipe biscuit with jam is quite simple.If you want him to make a cake, then there is simply no need to turn off hot biscuit.