Jam made from cucumbers - a prescription |How to make jam from cucumbers

This is somewhat non-traditional type of jam, but no less useful than the raspberry or strawberry.Jam Cucumber, a recipe that we offer, uncomplicated, and after reading it you will know how to cook jam from cucumbers.

Juice Cucumber - a classic recipe

jam recipe cucumber necessarily involves the preparation of syrup.For the syrup, you need to take a half cup of water, approximately 400 grams of sugar, 25 g of fresh grated ginger, grated zest and juice of two fresh lemons.And at the very end of the cooking syrup jam cucumber, you will need 400 grams of cucumbers about 600 grams of sugar.


To prepare jam from cucumbers, it is best to take the smallest and yet most green cucumbers or as they are commonly called - gherkins, which are seedless.Wash them and dry.Then lower them in well-salted water, investing in the capacity of even a cabbage leaf.All this must be put in a fairly warm place for a couple of days, just to the point, what would have time to turn yellow cucumbers.Then jam cucumber they sh

ould be put into a bowl, and then they cover cabbage leaves, as if uvernuv.


But salty water from the cucumbers need to boil and boiled in the form to fill it our cucumbers under the cabbage leaves to make jams from cucumbers.When the water has cooled down a bit, it is necessary to drain, then boil again, and only then pour again and repeat this procedure until the cucumbers did not turn green.Cover bowl that water would not cool down quickly.


When it turn green again cucumbers, put them in cold water for 3 days, then just water from the drain them, and cucumbers should be wiped dry.Jam on this recipe cucumber will taste better if dry cucumber pour sugar syrup has cooled down a bit and add grated on a fine grater ginger, a little lemon zest and juice of the lemon.Allow to stand for a day, and then just drain the syrup.Then for more sweets jam cucumber need to add sugar, and slowly boil down until thick.

How to cook the jam cucumber with mint

for making jam from cucumbers, need a good chop fresh mint.Cucumbers for jam can take any size, but it is important that they should be completely peeled, and then cut in half lengthwise, which would completely remove the seeds with a spoon.Get out of cucumber pulp, which is best cut into small narrow slices, put them in a pot preferably with a good thick bottom.Just when cooking jam of cucumbers, add the chopped mint, cover with sugar, zest and a little lemon juice.Then leave it all for 2-3 hours.On medium heat needed to cook until the jam will not resemble in the density of the caramel, it's somewhere 30 minutes.