Jam made from ginger - Recipe |How to cook the jam of ginger

ginger jam will give you the opportunity to get juicy, original additive to many dishes and a variety of traditional menus.This ginger jam recipe which we present below, is made from a very young and fresh plants, which, unfortunately, is not possible in our country simply because of their absence.In order to smooth out the sharp taste and the rigid structure of the mature root fibers, it is necessary to know how to cook jam from ginger.

ginger jam - traditional recipe

For this recipe cooking jam of ginger should be used only the top layer of soft ginger root.Juicy pulp and cut the chop for cooking.The remaining part of the fiber can be used for the preparation of syrup - boil it an hour or so, cool, strain, add sugar and boil.The hot liquid is put chopped young flesh and cook weight in three divided doses at intervals for infusion 3 hours to cook the jam of ginger.

How to cook the jam of ginger with orange peel

Most often you can find recipes for jam of ginger in combination with orange.However,

there are variations of ginger jam with lemon, grapefruit, tangerine and others.Citrus adds a jam of ginger and acidity helps to balance the tangy very pronounced taste of ginger.

To prepare ginger jam, you need 150 grams of ginger root, orange peels (two fruits), a cup of sugar and a little lemon juice.


Ginger root wash, scrape with a knife and cut into small cubes.Place the ginger and orange peel in a different container and cover with cold water to make jams.Soaking raw material for jam of ginger should be not less than three days, changing the water periodically.


soaked foods fold in a saucepan, pour the sugar and add a third of a glass of water.The resulting mass is put on low heat, wait until boiling jam of ginger, immediately remove and cool for 2-3 hours.The procedure was repeated two or three times.The last brew, add the lemon juice and pour ginger jam on storage tanks.

ginger jam - recipe with apples

In principle, the method of preparing this recipe ginger jam from the previous use of a different apple instead of orange peel.Soak fruit to make jams from ginger is not necessary.

Useful properties of ginger jam

ginger jam has pronounced spicy taste and has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect on the body.Ginger root is used in sauces, baked, pickled, dried.Jam made from ginger becomes quite pungent, so eat it separately it is not very nice.However, this is an excellent, accessible all year round, a useful additive in pies, cakes, rolls, sweets, desserts, sauces or mulled wine.