Jam from a quince - a prescription |How to cook with quince

Good quince jam, the recipe of which you will find below, it turns out pretty sweet, aromatic and has a pleasant lemon acidity.How to cook with quince today we tell you.

quince jam - recipe classical

To start cooking jam of quince should be prepared products, quince washed, cleaned from the skins, cut into quarters and remove the seeds.Then cut into pieces.Skins and seed pods are added to the pot and poured cold water in a volume of 300 ml, brought to a boil, the fire decreases and cooked for 30 minutes, to make jams quince on this recipe.After that, quince jam filtered.The pan with the broth is put on the fire for cooking jam of quince.It puts the sugar and boil syrup.Chopped quince is placed in a pot and filled with syrup.To make jam from a quince on etou recipe, give to boil and boil for 8-10 minutes.Thereafter, remove from heat and allowed to stand 8 h.Cooking jam of quince is repeated 3 times, with an interval of 8 hours.Cooked quince jam shifted into sterilized jars and rolls.

How to cook with quince with nuts

To make jam from a quince on the recipe you need to take 1 kg of peeled quince seed pods, the taste is from 400 to 800 grams of sugar, respectively 0.5-1 glass of water, 1 small lemon1 g of vanillin, 100 grams of various nuts.You can take the almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts for cooking jam of quince.

Cooking jam of quince prescription


To make jam from a quince on this recipe, quince washed and cut into 4 pieces.From her bones are removed, and then cut slices.In an enamel pan is brought to boiling water with sugar syrup in which boils added fruit.Boil the jam of quince is necessary for 5 minutes, then left, infused for 12 hours.After that, quince jam, cooked in this recipe, again brought to a boil and boil for another 5 minutes.It is cooled again and insist 12 hours before cooking quince jam.


Nuts must be detailed, to cook with quince.With the lemon is cut and rub on a fine grater zest and juice with pulp is squeezed in the amount of about 40 grams.If desired, cut the lemon into thin slices and put it in its entirety by the pre-pits.


third time of quince jam, cooked in this recipe, brought to a boil, put it in vanilla, chopped walnuts and lemon.In this form, the mixture is brought to a boil and bottled on the banks.In 2-3 days, banks need to roll up in a warm blanket.With 1 kg of quince is obtained about 700 ml of quince jam.