Rhubarb jam - recipe |How to cook rhubarb jam

This jam rhubarb is actually very useful.If the first recipe for jam from rhubarb you do not approached you can pay attention to the second.In any case, you will find this to understand how to cook rhubarb jam at home.

rhubarb jam - recipe with orange peel

Ingredients for the recipe cooking jam of rhubarb:

  • 1 kg of rhubarb stalks,
  • 1,2-1,3 kg sugar,
  • 100 g orange peels (optional).

Take the best pink rhubarb stalks, good peel, cut the stems into pieces need to 1-1.5 cm. Then, for making jam from rhubarb stalks need to fill with sugar and leave blank for a few hoursrefrigerator or other cool place until all the sugar is melted.


syrup Then you need to put on a light fire, and you need to cook rhubarb jam on our recipe about 40 minutes, removing the foam at the same time constantly.Boil rhubarb jam is possible in just a couple of steps.If you want to pieces of rhubarb is not turned into a gruel, and rhubarb jam when it was just a clear need syrup just once to bring to heat until boilin

g and then put cool at normal room temperature.This procedure must be repeated to you no more than 3 times, after 3 times already boil until cooked jam rhubarb.


To finish cooking jam of rhubarb on the prescription laid in sterilized jars hot, roll or close it need conventional plastic caps or parchment paper.

to seek your recipe cooking rhubarb jam, you can simply add a few orange peels, they also make your taste of rhubarb jam more diverse.If you have dried crust, before use, they just need to pour boiling water until completely soft.If you like oriental spices, put the grated ginger instead of the orange peel, it will give a fine sharpness jam.

How to cook rhubarb jam - recipe classical

said that this recipe for rhubarb jam faster, but who as it turns out:


to cook rhubarb jam on this recipe, wash the stalks of rhubarb and cutpieces.Then these petioles, always young, you need to fill up half of the total volume of sugar, and let stand in a cool place for 8-10 hours to rhubarb in time, let the juice, and sugar is completely dissolved.


In this recipe, cooking rhubarb jam, syrup, it is necessary to merge.Rhubarb jam due to this will be more intense.The mixture is then brought to a boil and add the remaining sugar already put rhubarb in it, then again bring to a boil and set aside.It is necessary to wait 1 hour and again bring rhubarb jam to a boil, then boil for 5 minutes on a very low heat.


No need to wait, and you need all at once rhubarb jam pour into sterile jars, roll up carefully, turn and as such leave to cool.

as a supplement - can add to the smell in the jam of rhubarb cinnamon.