Jam made of sea-buckthorn - a prescription |How to cook the jam of sea-buckthorn

How to prepare and present a delicious jam of sea-buckthorn?Of course, you need to choose a recipe for jam of sea-buckthorn.Jam made of sea-buckthorn, brewed according to the proportions of the recipe has the most pleasant pineapple aroma and has a very good and delicate sweet-sour taste.And the color of the jam of sea-buckthorn simply divine - amber.

jam of sea-buckthorn - a recipe posterezirovannogo option


For this recipe jam of sea-buckthorn is better to take over ripe berries, which had been collected before the first frost before.The fact that such a berry denser and because of this no spreading during cooking.Of course, as far as possible should be selected more large-fruited varieties of sea buckthorn.The fact is that the larger the berry, the more beautiful will jam.To make jam of sea-buckthorn will need to take 1.3 kg of sugar and about 1 kg of ripe berries.


To make jam of sea-buckthorn berries definitely need to sort, rinse well and leave it to them to the water glass.For this, s

imply put the washed berries in a colander.Then put the berries in an enamel bowl and fill with sugar on top.Thus it should be 6 hours.Sometimes it happens that the fruit juice is not allowed, but do not worry, it does not matter.Just put them on a small fire for cooking jam of sea buckthorn, add 50-100 ml of water and thoroughly melt the sugar.These berries need to cook until cooked at once.The fact that the re-boiling, are excessively raspolztis berries.


buckthorn Jam hot pour into prepared by the need to clean the banks, and close the multi-colored plastic or metal lids-spins.Keep a jam of sea-buckthorn can be even at room temperature, but if it is possible - place it in a cool place.

How to cook the jam of sea-buckthorn - an alternative recipe

To prepare the sea buckthorn jam, first you need to cook the syrup (take 800 ml of water - 1.5 kg of sugar).While the syrup is cooked, you need to take Enumerated already washed berries and put them in an enamel pan, and then pour the prepared syrup and leave for 4 hours to prepare a jam of sea-buckthorn.Then simply peel off your syrup from the berries, and once again bring the jam to a boil buckthorn.Wait until the syrup has cooled, then pour the berries ready, and already at low heat needed to bring it all up to readiness - jam of sea-buckthorn.

Neposterezirovany recipe jam buckthorn

To prepare the sea buckthorn jam, you need to go through a well-ripe fruit, remove all the stalk, then wash it in cold water and dry with a little dry.Then pour the hot syrup fruits of sea buckthorn and and leave for about 3-4 hours, and then separate the years of syrup.Then separate the syrup brought to a temperature of 106-107 ° C, cool, and then add the fruit and low heat bring to a taste of the sea buckthorn jam.

Amber jam of sea-buckthorn - a recipe

Sea buckthorn jam has a pleasant sweet-sour taste and aroma of pineapple, elegant amber.To prepare the amber sea buckthorn jam recipe which we propose requires 1 kg of sea buckthorn.Fruits are washed, pour 2 cups of frosty water and boil for 2 minutes.The yellow of the sea-buckthorn water, add 7 cups of sugar, set on the stove and bring to a boil.To prepare the sea buckthorn jam, you need to boil for 7 minutes with a minute of boiling.Now buckthorn jam is ready.Pour it into clean jars and roll cover.It is rather a recipe for jam of sea-buckthorn.By the way, if you pour the jam into jars with hot sea buckthorn berries float to the top banks.If the spill is cold, the bank berries evenly distributed.

recipe of jam of sea-buckthorn berries Sea-buckthorn

best immature, sorted out, remove the stem, washed in running water and gently dried to prepare a jam of sea-buckthorn.Then to them to make jams, add sugar, heated over low heat until sugar is dissolved, increase the fire and stirring constantly, bring to readiness.If the jam is not pasteurized, it is necessary to finish cooking at a temperature of 106/107 degrees Celsius, if you plan to pasteurization, can be considered to achieve the end of cooking temperature of 104/105 degrees Celsius.Jam made of sea-buckthorn is packed into the hot, pre-sterilized glass containers, sterilized as described above and immediately sealed.

Useful properties of sea buckthorn jam

healing properties of sea buckthorn and sea buckthorn jam known high content in fruits of a "bouquet" of vitamins, organic acids and trace elements, it is important for the prevention, treatment of many diseases.The sea buckthorn and sea buckthorn jam contained 3.5% sugar, a lot of organic acids (tartaric, malic oxalic);many vitamins - C, B1, B2, PP, K, folic acid, P and E, carotene and carotenoids (180-250 mg%) and many flavonoids (especially routine), iron, boron, manganese.Also contain tannins, volatile fatty acids and nitrogen-containing compounds.Due to the lack of sea buckthorn in askorbinokvidazy, vitamin C is retained even after fine processing of fruit.