Strawberry jam - recipe |How to make jam from strawberries

strawberry jam - recipe from my childhood, able to please their wonderful flavor and aroma of the summer.It is possible to prepare a variety of ways, using only two major ingredients - and fruit sugar.Consider one of them.

strawberry jam - traditional recipe

  • To make jam from strawberries, seed the same medium-sized strawberries and gently separate the stem, being careful not to damage the fruit.Then rinse thoroughly.
  • Take a brass bowl for cooking jam from strawberries and place it in layers of berries, sprinkling each sugar.At one kilogram of strawberries fruit takes up half a kilo of sugar.Give the future of strawberry jam and let it brew juice.When this happens, put the dishes on a very low heat and stir until sugar is dissolved.
  • After dissolving sugar to make a fire and cook a stronger weight for 20 minutes to cook the jam from strawberries.If the foam is formed - remove it with a wooden spoon.In almost ready jam to improve color and flavor, you can add citric acid.
  • Sweet mass lay on the steri
    lized jars and roll covers.

How to make jam from strawberries - especially cooking


Strawberry is not stored for a long time, so to cook the jam from strawberries are best once a day collecting berries.


For beautiful and uniform jam from strawberries berries is important to select the same size and maturity.


for jam from strawberries, the recipe of which we quoted above, it is best to fit copper basin or stainless steel cookware.


strawberry jam can burn on.To avoid this, you need to constantly shake the hips with both hands or very gently disturb the mass with a wooden spoon.


Do not forget to constantly remove the foam, in the preparation of strawberry jam.


Ready jam from strawberries can be determined by the density (the cooled syrup does not spread with a teaspoon) or wrinkled film, which is formed after removing the dishes with fire.


Lack of sugar may cause fermentation and mold.

Useful properties of strawberry jam

Strawberry - a valuable dietary product, rich with useful substances, strawberry jam also has such properties.The composition of berries include fructose, sucrose, glucose, organic acids, ascorbic acid.Jam of strawberries will help you get a tasty medicine without unpleasant side effects, which will be available all year round.Jam made of strawberry improves performance, stimulates the appetite and normalize the digestive system, calms the nervous system, lowers blood pressure, helps with insomnia, urinary system diseases and disorders of salt metabolism.The berries are used as a cosmetic.