12 August

Jam of tomatoes - a prescription |How to cook the jam of tomatoes

If this year you have a great harvest of tomatoes, then why not make jam of tomatoes, the recipe of which we describe below.There are several types of tomato jam.Consider how to cook jam from tomatoes.

Jam of tomatoes - a recipe from green tomatoes


To make jam of tomatoes, very carefully, very melenko spoon, clean tomatoes from seeds for 2-3 minutes, place in boiling water.Such tomatoes make jam of tomatoes especially tasty.


Then, to make jams of tomatoes, pour the tomatoes ready good syrup (1 kg tomatoes 1.2 kg of sugar and a glass of water), and all this must be insisted about 6-8 hours.


Then put the jam of tomato on a small fire and boil very quickly.At the very end of cooking put citric acid (2 grams per 1 kg of tomatoes) and a little vanilla or lemon juice and finely cut by lemon zest.Already finished tomato jam simply unfold gradually clean sterilized jars.

How to cook the jam of tomatoes - a recipe from red tomatoes


To make tomato jam, take 1 kg of tomatoes just 1 kilo

of sugar and a glass of pure water.From these ingredients make the syrup, boil it and then most carefully laid in the cooking syrup has small red tomatoes - but not necessarily the whole, in no case, not wrinkled.Do not print any marks them before.


then to cook the jam of tomatoes, just put this mixture on the fire and boil the mixture for half an hour, then simply remove the cooked tomato jam from the heat and place it in the coolest place in the house or apartment.


The next day, you should boil the honey agaric jam of red tomatoes, carefully remove the foam, then add a spoonful of vanilla powder, and then thoroughly boil.Then again, remove the foam and give the finished jam of red tomatoes, cooked in this recipe, stand up, and only then Dowar it until tender.

Jam of tomatoes with vanilla - recipe

Tomatoes must necessarily wash and then cut to cook the jam of tomatoes for this recipe.All these pieces add up to the most convenient pan and carefully fill all the tomatoes and sugar.As such, the tomatoes should not lie down for fewer hours, and even better all.Then put the pan on a good fire to cook the jam of tomatoes.Add to the pan, finely chopped lemon zest and continue to boil the jam of tomato.Simmer it should be somewhere about 20 minutes then turn off.Leave in a dark place for a couple of hours.A couple of hours again to jam with tomatoes simmer, add vanilla, and it all boil again for - 10 minutes.Vanilla removed.