Armenian jam - recipe |How to cook the jam Armenian

Armenian jam made from walnut, is one of the most delicious and original in the Caucasus, where there are walnuts in great abundance.Armenian jam recipe is based on walnuts, it became a favorite delicacy.

Armenian jam - recipe

ingredients to prepare Armenian jam:

To prepare the Armenian jam need to take 100 pieces of walnuts, 3 kg of sugar, 10 grams of cloves, cardamom, 5 pieces, 10 grams of cinnamon.

How to cook the Armenian jam - manual


To prepare the Armenian jams, unripe walnuts are cleaned from the shell, filled with cold water and leave for 6 days, and the need to change the water 3-4 times per day, todarkening nuts.Then the water is drained, and the nuts are immersed in lime water and kept there for a day, with occasional stirring, for preparation of Armenian jam.For lime water must be 0,5 kg of slaked lime pour 5 liters of cold water.The mixture is stirred, then strained through cheesecloth.


nuts Pre-prepared for the Armenian jam thoroughly washed in cold water, pierce eac

h of the nuts in the 12-15 places with a fork, and then washed again in cold water.After all operations for preparation of Armenian jam on this recipe, their dipped in boiling water, in which the alum are added in a proportion of 75 g per 5 liters of alum water.Walnuts boiled for Armenian jam for 10 minutes and then recline on a sieve perelazhivayutsya dishes in cold water and kept there for about an hour.Sugar syrup is prepared for the Armenian jam.It placed nuts added clove, cardamom, cinnamon, and a gauze bag, boiled for a few minutes, then removed from heat and allowed to stand for a day.This operation must be repeated three times.After that, the Armenian jam from walnuts boiled until cooked, remove the bag with spices.

How to cook the Armenian strawberry jam on

is very tasty Armenian jam recipe is based on the strawberries.Her carefully sorted, each berry dipped in vodka or brandy, then remove the stem.Prepared berries for Armenian jam should be placed on a dish, they poured sugar in the amount of half of the total number and tied for 5-6 hours in a cool place.The remaining sugar syrup used to prepare for the Armenian jam.Ready syrup is removed from the fire, it poured fruit juice, together with dishes carefully shaken to berries are completely immersed in syrup, and boil until tender over medium heat.The foam is removed at the end of cooking with the Armenian jam.If strawberries was very juicy, after 5-6 hours of infusion, covered with sugar, berries, shift into a bowl, add the remaining sugar and cook until tender Armenian jam according to our recipe.

Recipe Armenian jam from peaches

To prepare the Armenian jam from peaches in our recipe is necessary to take 1 kg of peaches, 1.2 kg of sugar and 400 grams of water.Peaches are moving, rinsed in cold water, peeled, cut into four or eight parts.Preparing sugar syrup to cook the Armenian jam, you need to boil and pour over prepared fruit.The next day, the syrup is poured into a bowl and boil again, then it is poured off.After a day of peaches with syrup cooked over low heat until cooked.At the end of cooking, the foam is removed from the Armenian jam.