Jam of honeysuckle - a prescription |How to make jam from honeysuckle

Honeysuckle - a very valuable medicinal berry, which grows in the Far East and Siberia.Recipe jam honeysuckle came to us from there.Delicious jam honeysuckle, the recipe of which you will find below, will give you a set of useful minerals and vitamins in the winter months.How to make jam from honeysuckle to its pleasant aroma pleased with relatives and friends, we will tell you.

honeysuckle jam - recipe

  • To avoid cloying sweetness, to make jams from honeysuckle honeysuckle is better to choose a variety with sourness.Berries in the finished dessert should remain holistic, so the fruit preparation is done very carefully so as not to damage the delicate peel.
  • Honeysuckle to cook jam from honeysuckle on our recipe carefully to loop to separate the leaves, twigs, insects and other debris.Then rinse the berries and fold in a colander to glass excess water.
  • Prepare syrup jam honeysuckle: Dissolve sugar in water, bring the mixture to a boil and soak for 5 minutes.After the boiling liquid in the preparation
    of jam, add honeysuckle honeysuckle berries, again wait until boiling and remove the pan from the heat.Dishes with jam from honeysuckle to soak in a cool place for about 8 hours.It is convenient to do it at night.
  • the present mass, stirring, boil for 20 minutes and pour into sterilized jars jam honeysuckle.

How to cook the jam of honeysuckle - interesting facts


There are about 250 varieties of honeysuckle, one for jam from only a few used honeysuckle.


useful properties have not only the berries, but also branches, leaves, flowers, honeysuckle - from too may be preserved.


Honeysuckle - one of the earliest berries, also resistant to spring frosts.So jam workpiece can begin in early June.

Useful properties of honeysuckle jam

Fruit of honeysuckle and honeysuckle jam have a number of useful properties.It contains vitamins: B, C, A, tannins, organic acids, various minerals (potassium, manganese, aluminum, iodine, phosphorus, copper, calcium, magnesium).Jam of honeysuckle can help strengthen the immune system, blood vessels, reducing bleeding events and atherosclerosis, bind and excrete heavy metals.Honeysuckle lowers blood pressure, stimulates the gastro-intestinal tract, has an antitumor effect.

original taste of honeysuckle jam allowed her to take a well-deserved place in the cooking.However, not all plants are suitable subspecies food, but only some.They differ in taste - there are a bitter, sour-sweet or sweet.Accordingly, the dishes are becoming a different flavor.From honeysuckle make fruit drinks, juices, teas, tinctures and wine.Dried and frozen berries retain their healing properties.