Jam in the bread maker - a prescription |How to cook the jam in the bread maker

Normally, all instructions described in detail how you can cook jam in the bread maker.For the preparation of a jam in the bread maker from

berries taken 450 grams of fruits and 450 grams of sugar.Also added 20 ml of lemon juice, according to the recipe of jam.Scoop dough set in a bucket and turn on mode "Jam" for cooking in the bread maker.In the preparation of a jam in the bread maker can provide a greater volume of fruit than stand bakery.As a result of possible spills of jam and sticking.

Fruit jam in the bread maker - cooking recipe

To prepare fruit jam in the bread maker must be washed thoroughly fruit, drain them, cut into small pieces, which will not exceed 1 cm fruits are mixed with a special gelatin sugar to make jams..All is placed in a special container in the bread machine and run mode "Jam".breadmaker itself After a half-hour alert that the work for the preparation of this jam recipe is completed.Jam hot poured into sterilized jars and rolls.

How to cook the jam in the bread maker from apples

recipe of jam in the bread maker is out of the ordinary apples 600 grams, grated on a fine grater ginger 30 grams, 600 grams of sugar and 1 lemon.Apples are washed, cleaned and finely chopped, grated on a fine grater ginger, chopped lemon zest and loaded into the bread machine, fill with sugar and switched mode "Marmalade" for the preparation of jams.You can even pre-boil on the stove all of the components for 40 minutes, then use a blender to make jam, pour the mixture into the bread maker and to deliver the same "Marmalade" mode to prepare the jam according to our recipe.You can then go about their business, stir jam is not required, all necessary operations breadmaker executes itself.

Plum jam in the bread maker -

recipe is very tasty and healthy jam recipe that we tell you.To make jam in the bread maker is necessary to take 600 grams of plums, 360 grams of sugar and the juice squeezed from one lemon.Fruit thoroughly crushed.The bucket is designed for baking in the bread maker, pour the drain, pour lemon juice, sugar, and water is not necessary to add in the preparation of jams.For those who like a very sweet jam, you can add more sugar.After that, put the jam program.After the allotted time, ready to jam, cooked in a bread maker according to our recipe, you can add a little preservative to jam not soured.If the drain is very juicy, the formation of large amounts of juice.Some time later, the jam thickens slightly.If you prefer a thick jam, you can add a bit of pectin or any other thickener for the jelly.