12 August

Jam made from mint - Recipe |How to cook the jam mint

jam mint is very useful.However, the recipe jam mint, you should definitely tell you how to cook jam mint.With that jam mint - it is generally a novelty for people.And so, a few tips that would be a recipe jam mint was difficult, and at the same time, of course jam mint came out very tasty.

mint jam - recipe with citric acid

To prepare jam mint, you will need 400 grams of mint leaves, preferably fresh, but you can and dried, 1 kg of sugar.One teaspoon of citric acid in powder or fresh lemon juice, and 1 cup of plain water.


If fresh mint, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the leaves in cold water, then discard in a fine sieve, whatever the water is gone and then shift all the leaves in an ordinary kitchen towel and then carefully wet.Then, all-dried leaves to make jams mint need to pour into a large pot, pouring them 500 grams of sugar and then pour over the top is not a concentrated solution of citric acid or lemon juice, then once more shake, cover it all with a lid and keep at least6 hours.


Then, to make jams mint in this recipe, all the sugar that remains, you need to pour 1 cup of water, and then from it to cook the syrup, then remove the formed foam and then just pour the already well-Empty juice leaves.


After a 6-hour exposure, to complete the preparation of mint jam, you need to put it on a small fire, and all this boil for about 5 minutes.After that important point, you need hot jam mint, cooked according to this recipe, pour into a well-sterilized half-liter jars and then close the lid.How to understand the proportion of leaves mint without weights to make jams?Quite simply, the practice it turns out that 100 grams of mint leaves, is about two good mint beam, the fact that the mint leaves are very light, according to this, they need a lot.

How to cook the jam of mint on a traditional recipe

This recipe jam mint has slightly different proportions.To make jam mint, you need 0.5 liters of water, and then take an average of 200-300 g of fresh mint with stems.It is very important that the mint was just fresh.Still need 1 kg of sugar to make jams mint.And so, for a tasty mint jam, you need to take and mint leaves and stems of mint.They should be very finely chopped for cooking jam of mint, add a little chopped lemon peel lemon, all carefully add water.Then boil the mixture for 10 minutes, and then another to insist during the day.Then you need this infusion of strain, wring out thoroughly, and only then add the sugar and cook longer until cooked jam mint.Hot jam mint need to pour on the banks no matter what the volume and roll.