Watermelon jam - recipe |How to cook watermelon jam

second half of the summer is strongly associated with the juicy, delicious watermelons.They can be eaten as fresh and as juice, mousses, cocktails, jams.Watermelon marinated, pickled, canned.Surprise guests and provide themselves with vitamins year round you can cook watermelon jam recipe that we tell you today.

Watermelon jam - recipe of crusts


To prepare watermelon jam, per kilogram of watermelon peels you will need 1.2 kg of sugar and water (9 cups).With watermelon for watermelon jam, cut the top layer of green (it is convenient to do a special knife designed for cleaning vegetables), separate the pulp and cut the white part of the small pieces.Corky pour 1 cup of hot water with dissolved baking soda and five cups of ordinary leave and hours 4. After this, slices of watermelon, watermelon for making jam, carefully wash (you can leave for half an hour with clean water).


It's time to do the preparation of syrup for watermelon jam on this recipe.To do this, dissolve half the rate of sugar

(600g) in three cups of water and slowly bring to a boil.Add watermelon rind watermelon jam and cook about 20 minutes on a not very high heat.After that, remove the weight from the heat and let it brew for a future jam 8-12 hours.Then the resulting mass is needed again, boil 20-40 minutes after boiling, add the remaining sugar to our watermelon jam was sweet enough.Again, remove from heat watermelon jam and let stand for 10 hours at approximately.Finally, for the last time to put the watermelon jam to cook on the fire for 30-40 minutes.You can add vanilla or lemon zest.


Before lay ready watermelon jam into sterilized jars, it is necessary to infuse an additional 12 hours.

Tips on preparing watermelon jam

For quality watermelon jam important to choose a ripe watermelon is good.This knowledge will help a few tricks.Buy fruit should be of medium size, with the whole, smooth and supple skin.The peduncle must be dark, dried up, ground spot is not very large.While rapping ripe fruit produces too muffled sound, not too shrill.Do not forget that the season of watermelons not last long - it is August and September.

How to cook watermelon jam - traditional recipe


To prepare watermelon jam on traditional recipe, with one kilogram of watermelon skins need to clean the peel and green leave white and light pink part.Then peel cut into pieces for cooking watermelon jam.The resulting mixture should be soaked for 2-3 hours in a solution of baking soda in a ratio of 2-3 tablespoons per 1 liter of water.Due to such actions after boiling the pieces are solid and look like candied fruit.


After this crust is well washed and boiled in water to cook watermelon jam.Then water is decanted, and the pieces are added to the syrup, which can be easily prepared from 1.5 kg of sugar, and two cups of water.This syrup is necessary to boil the mixture until transparent.After the end of cooking in the watermelon jam on our recipe is better to put 2 grams of citric acid.This jam becomes an emerald color.


Separately clean lemon, then scalded in order to avoid a bitter taste in the watermelon jam.He passed through the wringer with the skin or processed in the shredder.The thick part is added to the watermelon jam when cooking.


In a separate container, which will then be preparing watermelon jam is necessary to pour the sugar, pour the water and lemon juice.After the sugar is completely dissolved, the mixture was added into boiling watermelon weight.All this is mixed and cooked to jam watermelon until thickened syrup.Watermelon jam is poured into sterile jars under the metal cover.

How to choose a watermelon to cook jam

To prepare watermelon jam, you must first choose a variety of watermelon to contain a minimum quantity of seed, and the flesh was quite dense.Also it takes 800 grams of sugar, 1 cup water and 1 large lemon.Rind of a watermelon for the preparation of watermelon jam thoroughly washed under warm water with soap.He then wiped dry.Watermelon is cut, all the seeds were removed from it.The pulp is separated from the peel and cut into small pieces.Watermelon is placed in an enamel pan and pour the water back to cook watermelon jam.The finished mixture is cooked on low heat until until slices are soft.

Use watermelon jam

Watermelon - extremely useful product.He has a large number of easily digestible elements required for normal life man.This, for example magnesium and iron.In addition, watermelon jam has pronounced diuretic that helps to flush toxins from the body, toxins, cholesterol, sand.Therefore, watermelon jam is not only a delicious dessert, but also a useful tool for the prevention of diseases or urinary, and cardiovascular systems.

has unusual taste is jam made from watermelons.The secret to cooking watermelon jam, does not consist of the usual pulp, which all use, namely that part which is usually discarded.It is made from watermelon peels, not only of the green part and of white-pink flesh.