12 August

Jam made of spruce - a prescription |How to cook the jam Spruce

Jam Spruce has a whole bunch of very useful features, but, nevertheless, it is primarily regarded as a very effective means for the treatment and prevention of various colds.Jam made from spruce, a recipe which you will find below, to help deal with a cough, sore throat, bronchitis, influenza, tuberculosis, strengthens the immune system and give strength to overcome the ailments.How to make jam from spruce (from cones, shoots or twigs), you will learn below.

Jam Spruce - a recipe from spruce cones


Fir cones for making jam Spruce collect best in May and the first half of June - they are still young, green, almost uncovered.The collected raw material, rinse and soak in cold water for a day.For jam Spruce You will need fir cones and sugar in equal proportions.


Boil the sugar syrup by mixing sugar and water.Pour the hot mixture soaked fir cones to cook jam from spruce.This mass cook over very low heat until softening and blooming of buds.During the heat treatment on the surface of the jam will

be formed foam - it should not be removed.


finished eating jam roll into sterilized jars.Store in a cool place.

How to cook the jam of spruce - a recipe from spruce shoots

To prepare jam Spruce You will need 3 cups of sprouts, 500 ml of water and a half cup of sugar.Mix all ingredients and put on a very low heat, and even better - on the coals from the fire.Cook mass, stirring constantly, for about twenty minutes.Cooled down jam eaten immediately ready for use.

Jam made of fir twigs and needles - recipe


Fir needles have bile and diuretic effect, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.Excellent help jam eaten cold.


To prepare jam Spruce according to our recipe, take one kilogram of spruce branches, pour three liters of water and boil until then, until the volume is reduced three times.The resulting mass of strain in the liquid, add a liter of honey and a tablespoon of propolis alcohol solution.Jam made from spruce, heat and spread on the banks, which should be stored in a cool place.We do not have a jam eaten in large quantities - a small portion will be sufficient to treat and prevent a variety of common colds.


Jam made of spruce, the recipe of which we have given, in addition to its medicinal properties has a delicious taste and aroma of pine.Jam made from spruce medicine with pleasure all year round will have adults and children getting vitamins and strengthening the immune system.