Jam viburnum - a prescription |How to prepare jam from viburnum

Kalina can prepare for the winter simply dried in the sun or preserved in the form of syrup, juice, jam.Kalin added to various dishes, made on its basis liqueurs and cordials, fruit drinks and jelly, jam viburnum.Jam viburnum, the recipe of which we present below, can be used for diabetics, high blood pressure, people with excess weight.This tasty treat can be prepared in several ways.Consider how to cook jam from viburnum.

jam viburnum - a traditional recipe

To prepare jam from viburnum, iterate through the berries, separating garbage, twigs, leaves, insects, and rinse.To get rid of the possible bitterness of viburnum in a jam, as well as shrivelling fruit in the finished jam from viburnum, viburnum problanshirovat need up to five minutes in boiling water.Prepared berries fill with hot sugar syrup (a kilo of sugar and a glass of water per kilogram of viburnum) for making jam from viburnum and soak ten.After this time the jam from viburnum boiled until cooked over very low heat.Ready-made jam from vi

burnum lay on storage tanks and roll covers.

How to make jam from viburnum - alternative recipe

To prepare jam from viburnum, Viburnum wash one kilogram, move, add to the pan with a tight lid and place evaporated in a preheated 160 degree oven.When the berries are soft, remove them and pour syrup (800 g of sugar in 200 ml of water).The resulting jam viburnum cook in two stages with an interval of 10 hours.Ready-made jam from viburnum spread on sterilized jars.

jam viburnum - a recipe with apples

For this recipe jam from viburnum you need only the juice from the berries of viburnum and apples.Fruit peel and seed boxes, cut into small pieces.To prepare jam from viburnum for this recipe, apples, pour the sugar and cook until it is completely dissolved.Then remove the bowl from the heat and let cool completely.Again, put on fire and bring to a boil weight.The juice from the berries get any convenient way and add to the boiling mixture for making jam from viburnum.Cook for another ten minutes, and then poured into sterilized jars.

Useful properties of Viburnum jam

jam viburnum provide you useful vitamin C and ascorbic acid in the whole long winter.Kalina was collected in the autumn, after the first frost - when it loses its bitterness.The fruits contain pectin, tannins, essential oils, acids, amino acids, vitamins A, K, R. Kalina is known for its antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory, sedative, astringent, diuretic and hemostatics effect.