Apricot jam - recipe |How to make apricot jam

feature apricot jam recipe is that through an incision take out stones, pierce the fruit with a fork.Halves apricot pour hot sugar syrup to cook apricot jam.After that you need to give 3-4 hours to apricot jam the present, and then set to boil until complete cooking.How to make apricot jam we will tell you today.

Apricot jam - recipe on apricot pits

can spend a little more time, but the result was a magnificent clear, fragrant apricot jam recipe is based on apricot pits that are so popular with children.


To prepare delicious apricot jam for this recipe, it is best to use immature, but uniformly colored dense apricots are washed, cut into halves and extracted all the bones.


Ready peeled apricot halves laid cuts top single layer in an enamel pan, to make jams.Each apricot put 1 teaspoon of sugar, apricot jam to cook.Thereafter, the second layer is laid out - just cut the top, sprinkle with sugar and so on.Ready apricots, sugar interspersed, kept in a cool place 48 hours.During this time, ap

ricots soaked in sugar and condensed.


apricot must be carefully split and take the whole kernel.This apricot jam on our recipe is a more delicious.After holding a pot of apricot put on the fire, add kernels to cook apricot jam.Spoon gently stirred undissolved sugar.The mixture is brought to a boil and boil for 5-10 minutes, the foam is removed in parallel.Apricot jam boiled in 3 divided doses for this recipe.Between cooking done in intervals of 8-12 hours, or kept until cool syrup.


finished apricot jam laid out hot in warmed jars, dry and sealed.To prepare the apricot jam on one portion is necessary to take 1 kg.Apricot and 1.3 kg.Sahara.

How to make apricot jam - recipe for beginners


Apricots are washed thoroughly before cooking apricot jam for this recipe.Cut in half, and the bones are pulled out.For flavor you can add apricot jam a few kernels of seeds.Ready apricots are placed in an enamel or stainless pot and fill with sugar.Thereafter, the apricots left to stand for 3.2 hours to prepare an apricot jam for this recipe.Before you put the apricot jam on the fire, add a little water.On the 3-liter pot, it should be added to 200 ml of water.The pan is placed on medium heat with apricots and sugar.Slowly brought future apricot jam to a boil.Before boiling, with wooden blades thoroughly stirred until the sugar dissolved.


Once boiled apricot jam, not provarivaya, remove the plate.Allow to cool.You can leave it for a day.Typically, apricot jam is cooked in the evenings.Before you pour the apricot jam into jars, it is brought to a boil for the second time.

Tsarskoye apricot jam - recipe

To prepare the apricot jam for this recipe selected ripe but firm fruit.Apricot jam washed, dried with a towel.Is carefully removed from apricot pits, their calcined in an oven for 5 minutes.After their split, remove the core and put one in each berry.Of water and sugar syrup is cooked in boiling as they pour apricots and allowed to cool to cook apricot jam for this recipe.Then he brought the apricot jam to a boil.Cools.Again put on the fire, cook until done.When the apricots become transparent and the syrup thickens, apricot jam is considered ready.The hot it is poured into the banks and roll.

How to make apricot jam with orange and lemon

Apricot jam can be made both from the whole fruit, and seedless.To make apricot jam we need three kilos of apricots, 2.5 kg sugar, one orange and one medium-sized lemon.This jam is delicious.Malchish-Plohish per barrel this jam-sold Malchish Kibalchish.The temptation was too great.

apricot jam Preparation

Separate plus of this jam is that apricots can not take the most "cultural" and fit even zherdelki - semi-wild apricots.The main thing that they were ripe, but not overripe.Better to take a little more weight.Selected cooking my fruit, drain the water, pour in the towel and inspect.Separating rotten.For this it is necessary to examine apricots, go left and right.Then we share the fruit in half and separate the bones.Do not throw away the bones of them still need to remove the core.Put them in a separate container.

Apricots can already be put into a bowl.To make jam of apricot, perfect bowl of stainless steel, copper, enamel basin less desirable.

My orange and lemon, and entirely with the skin and bones twist them in a meat grinder.Gruel citrus add to the bowl with apricots.Now you can go to sleep sugar.Apricots should languish in sugar two hours.During this time you can manage to relax and get the core of the seed.You will need a hammer.The extracted core pour into a container and store yet.Bring to a boil.Attention!If you hold after boiling 5 minutes, the jam will be liquid if 20 minutes (no more) is thick.You can shoot foam.Next, remove the jam from the heat and give the stand for 8 hours (can be and 12).After the specified time once again put the bowl on low heat and bring to a boil.Foams will be gone.Cook for 15 - 20 minutes.Again, give stand for a couple of hours.Next zakipyachivaem the third time and now add the bones.

Twist apricot jam

time to sterilize the jars for the closing jam.Jam is still hot, immediately after the third boiling, poured into the banks and rolls already sterilized lids.Sterilization is possible as antiquated method, as well as on modern metal lid with a hole.Antiquated method is good because at the bottom of a large pan pour a little water and put in upside down several cans.So, several sterilized jars and, moreover, completely and on all sides.What, in the manufacture of preservation, of course, positive.Apricot jam made by the recipe must be wrapped until cool.

apricots in syrup - halves recipe

Excellent jam can be made from apricots.So, here is one of the recipes in apricot syrup.Take the apricot washed and freed from seed.The obtained halves fill jars.Banks should be sterilized before it.Tamped it is not necessary.Just make sure that the halves were good, not too loose, but not distorted.The cans stacked apricots pour the boiling syrup.The syrup is prepared well.One liter of water is used pound sugar.The solution should be boiled for at least fifteen minutes before you can pour apricots already laid.Flooded apricots immediately close the sterilized lids and wraps for 12 hours.Calculate how much you need a solution is not very easy, but it is obvious that there is a direct correlation with the number of cans that must be filled.

Recipe whole apricots in syrup

necessary to take the following ingredients: - 350 g ripe, very pure apricot, water will need about 250 ml of sugar and enough one hundred grams.To remain blank for the winter and did not explode, you must thoroughly wash apricots.It is appropriate to recall the usual sanbyulleten - my summer fruits with soap and water if even for children and pour over boiling water.So, reliability is better to wash one at a time.Then freed from the seeds, put in a clean, sterilized jars.This recipe is for a half-liter cans.All the apricots must fit - can be stacked tightly.Then boil the water (preferably more than indicated, as part of it will evaporate).In water, dissolve the sugar, stirring until dissolved.Boiling liquid pour apricots.After 20 minutes, the solution was drained and boil again.A boiling syrup spill and now roll up the banks.Wrapped in a blanket and put on the lid, leave for 12 hours.