Jam made ​​of raspberry - a prescription |How to make jam from raspberries

raspberry jam, perhaps, the most famous and popular.Recipe raspberry jam is often passed from hand to hand more than one generation.There are many recipes and cooking techniques of raspberry jam.Consider some of the ways how to make raspberry jam.

raspberry jam - recipe classical

This recipe is quick cooking a large amount of raspberry jam.To make jam of raspberries will need only two ingredients: raspberries and sugar in equal proportions.


Raspberry jam is best to gather in the morning on a clear day, as to be fed with moisture after rain berry can distort the proportions and taste of the future of raspberry jam.If raspberries growing on your own site, wash it before cooking is not necessary - just to sort of unnecessary waste.


To make raspberry jam, raspberry pour the sugar and leave for several hours to produce juice.When this happens, place the container with the raw material to high heat and wait until boiling.It is best used to make jams from raspberries on this recipe copper or bra

ss pots, or wide, shallow pan.


Very carefully remove with raspberry jam formed during the cooking foam - it can cause damage to the finished product.After boiling mass, reduce the heat to medium-sized and cook raspberry jam for about 20 minutes.Then cool raspberry jam, packagi by banks and store it in a cellar or refrigerator.

How to make jam from raspberry recipe -alternativny


To make raspberry jam on this recipe, take one kilogram of raspberries, move, separate the stalk and wash if necessary.Fruits fill 600 grams of sugar and leave to release juice.


liberated juice must be carefully separated, place in a container for cooking jam of raspberry (wide and shallow), to fill another 600 grams of sugar and boil.Thus we get the syrup.


in boiling liquid should be carefully lower raspberries.Raspberry jam is cooked in one go for this recipe.The fruit is very soft and easy to fall apart, so they do not get in the way recommended.In order not to burn weight, regularly turn over and shake the bowl with raspberry jam.


Do not forget to remove the foam during cooking raspberry jam, or jam could turn sour.


After 20 minutes of boiling jam raspberries over very low heat, raspberry need to rapidly cool.For this dish with raspberry jam dipped into a bowl of ice water.The finished cooled down a treat laid on sterile banks and rolls.

raspberry jam without cooking - recipe

ingredients to cook the jam of raspberries:

  • One kilogram of raspberries,
  • One kilogram of sugar.

Cooking raspberry jam


To make raspberry jam on our recipe, fresh raspberries moved in to fill the washed pan.


Pour sugar raspberry jam.Peretoloch or whisk to blender.


poured into sterilized jars and dried by conventional cork caps nylon.


Keep raspberry jam, cooked in this recipe should be refrigerated.Perhaps freeze in the freezer.When the need to defrost the raspberry jam, it will be fresh and will not lose its flavor.

Prepare jars for jam of raspberries:

Siberian berries, such as currants, raspberries, cherries have a high content of acid preservatives.So, in the preparation of cans they simply wash well and let the water drain out.Spill hot jam need for clean banks.

benefits of raspberry jam

Besides flavor, raspberry jam is very useful properties.Jam made of raspberry helps with colds and flu.It's enough to drink fruit drinks of raspberry jam.If you froze it to quickly warm up will help tea with raspberry jam.Like any jam, raspberry jam it can be served with tea, pancakes, used as a filling for cakes.

hope that cook raspberry jam, recipes this article helped you without any difficulties.