Cherry jam - recipe |How to cook cherry jam

For those who do not eat sweets, dieters who are completely contraindicated in sugar, and for those who just loves cherries, cherry jam recipe handy.How to cook cherry jam, we now describe.

cherry jam - recipe without sugar


To make cherry jam on our recipe you will need two containers or pots for the water bath.The first will contain water and, therefore, must be large in volume, the second volume is smaller cherries.You can take the pot and enamel bowl.The gap between the objects should be positioned so as to be able to pour water to the water bath.


amount of water for cooking cherry jam is calculated so that when picked up one container to another happened pouring water over the edge, and was given a place to boil.After all the preparations and calculations put pot of water on the stove and brought to a boil.


Frozen cherries for making cherry jam is poured into the prepared bowl.It does not need no washing, no defrost.Bowl with cherries dipped in a pot of boiling water.During the f

irst 30 minutes, the fire must be large.A large amount of juice, which can completely block itself.Then for an hour cherry cooked over medium heat for cooking cherry jam.After that, still unbroken fire.Total cooking time cherry jam in our recipe is 3 hours.It is necessary to constantly monitor the level of water in a saucepan and add water if necessary.


Turning cherry compote in a delicious cherry jam occurs in the last 30-40 minutes of cooking.Bowl gets from the pan.Hot cherry jam cover film, so that it touches the surface of cherry jam, then jam without sugar is cooled, it shifted into a sterile jar is stored in the refrigerator.

How to cook cherry jam - recipe with bones

This recipe cherry jam is very simple, but the cooking time jam takes 24 hours.In a pan put a kilogram of cherries and pour half a glass of water.Add sugar - depending on the grade, acid fruits and your personal preferences.The resulting mass is brought to a boil over too high heat, remove the foam and remove from heat.Cherry jam should be cool and infuse for 12 hours.After this time, the mass should be boiled again and again to stand 12 hours.Last, the third time to boil cherry jam, cooked according to our recipe and pour it into sterilized jars.

cherry jam without seeds - recipe

To make cherry jam, 1 kg of cherries, put half a kilogram of sugar and is made cherry jam recipe is based on the removal of stones from fruit.Cherries are sorted, washed, the water flows from them, you need to clear them from the stalks.The bones are removed a pin or a special machine to remove the bones.Prepared cherries for making cherry jam filled with boiling sugar syrup, which is made of a half cup of water and half a kilogram of sugar.The mixture was allowed to stand for 3 hours.Thereafter, it is boiled for a time of full readiness.

can fall asleep stoned cherries for making cherry jam, sugar and put infuse for 5 hours.You can even leave on all night.Cherry will release a large amount of juice that is drained and boiled for 10 minutes to timeout.When boiling for cooking cherry jam, should definitely shoot Shumka.After that cherry juice poured and insist 2-3 hours to cherry jam, cooked in this recipe, cool.Jam second time put on a small fire, boiled and allowed to cool.The third time is boiled for 15 minutes, it is cooled and rolled into dry jars.

cherry jam is not very thick with whole cherries, which are suitable for winter teas, as well as for the preparation of cakes.If you want to jam got thicker, while boiling the third time should be boiled longer, making sure that the droplet on a cold plate ceased to flow.