Jam of pears - Recipe |How to cook the jam of pears

Pears consumed fresh, dried, pickled, pickled.Of them make juices, syrups, infusions, sauces, compotes and jam of pears.Here are two recipes for jam of pears.How to cook the jam of pears you describe below.

jam pear - a recipe classical

recipe of jam of pears includes three main ingredients: the actual pears, sugar and water.However, depending on the technology of preparation of jam from pears or various supplements you can receive interesting options jam of pears.


For jam of pears better to take a firm, you can even slightly nedospevshie fruit.Pears Wash, remove the seed and cut into the box (can be slices, quarters, halves or even entirely).For one kilogram of fruit to cook jam from pears for this recipe, you will need about three cups of water and a kilo of sugar.


Processed pears cover with water and simmer for 10-15 minutes, then immediately chill.Water from the fruit is used for making syrup for jam of pears: pour the sugar, stir thoroughly until completely dissolved, put on fire and

wait until boiling.The resulting hot mixture fill the pears and let it brew for approximately 4 hours to cook the jam of pears.After this time, the mass again put on the plate (after boiling, wait 3 minutes).Jam of pears on our recipe again and stand aside - this time by 11 hours.


procedure-infusion cooking jam of pears to continue until pears gain transparency (up to four times).Before the end of cooking jam of pears can add vanilla and citric acid.Jam of pears cooked in this recipe, spread into containers for storage, allow to cool and roll.

How to make jam from pears with lemon

This recipe for jam from pears differs from the first one more ingredient - lemon.Pears prepare (wash, remove core, cut into beautiful slices).Then, to prepare jam from pears, fruit put in a saucepan layers, sprinkling each with lemon juice.Jam pear leave for a couple of hours, pour the hot syrup and act according to the above scheme - Cooking-insistence.

Useful properties Pear jam Pear

- fruit, has long been known for its healing properties.The ripe fruits contain many of the useful substances to the organism: folic, malic, ascorbic, citric acid, vitamins C, PP, B1, fructose and essential oils, iodine, magnesium, potassium, iron, boron, zinc, and silver ions.Pears and pear jam to help with colds, beriberi, diseases of the urinary system, depression and neurological disorders.This delicious fruit normalizes blood sugar levels and increases the body's defenses.