Jam made from lemons - a prescription |How to make jam from lemons

jam lemon delicious by itself and can serve as an excellent additive to many exotic dishes.The recipe of lemon jam and how to cook jam from lemons we'll tell you below.

jam lemons - a classic recipe


To make jam out of lemons, seed juicy, smooth-skinned fruit with elastic.Total need one kilogram of lemons.


Lemons wash, clean from the bones and mince.The resulting mass pour the sugar (the proportions of lemon and sugar are about the same), and leave it for a while - to infuse for making jam out of lemons.Then the future jam lemons put on a very low flame, heat and simmer, stirring regularly for about five minutes.After vanillin can be added to impart a particular flavor.


Ready jam lemons lay in sterile jars and roll covers.

How to make jam from lemon - alternative recipe


To make jam out of lemons, a kilogram of solid, juicy lemons with fresh-cut the stem, wash thoroughly and discard peel.Peeled fruit put on 20 minutes in boiling water, and then rinse with cold water.Cut the lem

on into thin slices, removing the bones.


Boil thick syrup of half a kilogram of sugar, and two cups of water to make jams of lemons.When the liquid starts to boil, add the lemon slices and simmer for a few minutes.Cool the jam and boil again.Now the jam is ready lemons and it can be filled into the storage container.

gelatin jam lemons -

recipe ingredients to cook jam from lemons:

  • lemons seven pieces.
  • one bag
  • one or two kilograms
  • sugar per liter of water
  • vanilla sugar 1.
  • To make jam out of lemons, lemons should be washed and dipped for 2 minutes.in boiling water.Get, let cool, and cut into rings, remove all bones.


    prepared lemons fill with water and cook over medium heat for three quarters of an hour making jam out of lemons.


    Then fill with sugar and vanilla and cook for another hour, uncovered.Remove the peel with a spoon of jelly, jam.


    Pour jam lemons, the recipe of which is shown above, is necessary in sterilized jars, roll and flip upside down until cool.


    turns out tasty jams of lemons.And lemons jam before our eyes freezes.There can be a lemon jam with coffee or used as a filling for cakes.

    How to cook the jam from oranges and lemons

    In order to prepare a useful jam from oranges and lemons you'll need:

    • 0,5 kilogram of lemons and oranges
    • 1 kilogram of sugar
    • jars of approximately 0.5 liters,and, of course, a few hours of free time.

    make jams of lemons:

    To make jam out of lemons, lemons and oranges are well wash, blot with a clean cloth, cut citrus in half, and then Slice polukruzhochki.Of the need to remove the seeds to make jams.After pour into a large pan of water, and put sliced ​​citrus.The pot should be put on a low heat.When the oranges and lemons are soft - You can add the sugar in a jam.All this weight must be thoroughly mixed.Leave our future jam in the same heat, until the sugar dissolves.Then citrus need to boil.After that, you need to put the fire on the stove to the bare minimum.This mass should simmer for about 30 minutes, during which time it is necessary to stir to avoid sticking.As a result, the weight should be thick and viscous.This means that the jam is already possible to roll the lemons.

    way, the viscosity of the jam gives lemons peptin contained in partitions.Remove it from the heat and pour on the bank.Our jam can be rolled up like iron caps, and plastic.You can also buy jars with lids, which are twisted, reusable.It will be very convenient, as the jam of lemons will always stay fresh.Jam made from oranges and lemons will certainly delight you and your guests, not only its pleasant taste and beneficial properties, but also a beautiful amber color.

    Jam with lemon zucchini - This recipe

    jam with lemon zucchini - original and tasty treat that can diversify your holiday table, or just to please loved ones at teatime.However, these vegetables do not have much pronounced taste, so if you do not add to a jam helper ingredient, it will not get the taste of its famous features.Jam made from lemons and courgettes certainly tasty, but it requires for making a major effort and a lot of time.

    ingredients to cook jam from lemons and courgettes

    To cook a tasty jam zucchini and lemons, need 2 hours of time can also be divided into stages.If you have enough time, then cook it all at once.

    • 2,5 kg of sugar 2 lemons
    • 1,5 kilogram orange
    • 3 kg zucchini

    To make jam and lemon squash, zucchini and lemons should be thoroughly rinsed under water and dry.Try to jam away good-quality citrus fruits and vegetables, without damage and rotten spots.Oranges and lemons should be a thin crust to make jams for this recipe.Next, peel them from the skin and seeds, and zucchini grate with large holes.Lemons are crushed in a blender.Mix zucchini with lemon, preferably in a large pot, because it we will prepare jam.There also add sugar, put on the fire and wait until the mixture begins to boil.As soon as it boils, we set fire to the minimum and thus cook jam from lemons 1 hour.The peculiarity of this jam that banks need to roll it only after cooling.Therefore, remove it from the heat and allow to cool down this well, for the end of cooking jam of lemons.After that they can pour into jars and close the lid.You can even plastic.Delicious and healthy meal ready!Jam of zucchini with lemon can be added to cakes and rolls, make small tarts, or just enjoy their tea!And your guests will enjoy a clearly original treat.Bon Appetit!

    Amber jam lemons and courgettes -

    recipe Ingredients: 1 kg of onions, 1 lemon, 1 kg of sugar.

    To prepare amber jam with lemon zucchini, squash must be cleaned, cut into cubes, lemons, finely chopped, mixed, add sugar and leave overnight.Cook for a jam with lemon zucchini need in several stages, bringing it to a boil and off for 1-2 hours.Hot jam decomposed into sterilized jars.

    There is another way to prepare this jam with lemon zucchini.For the preparation of this jam on this recipe, zucchini should grate, chop the lemon, add sugar and leave for an hour.Cook for about an hour, stirring constantly over low heat.Hot jam decomposed into sterilized jars.In the first case, zucchini retain its shape, while the second - a more uniform consistency.In the first case it is possible to add water, then the syrup will zucchini.

    Useful properties of lemon jam

    Sunny yellow lemon - one of the most popular citrus fruit known for its healing properties and the overall benefit to our body.It consists in the presence of a large number of substances beneficial to health.Lemons are rich in organic acids (malic, citric), saccharides, vitamins (C, B, A, F), pectin, salts of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, essential oil.

    Lemon and accordingly, lemon jam, has a pronounced antibacterial effect, can significantly strengthen the body's defenses.Lemon jam prevents premature aging, is cleaved and removed from the body of harmful substances (such as cholesterol).Very useful lemon with any violations in the work of the digestive, nervous and cardiovascular systems.Widely used this fruit to treat or prevent colds.

    Many are surprised that in such a sour fruit can cook sweet jam.However, this dessert is really there, while having amazing taste and extremely useful properties.Consider ways of making it.