Gestational age 28 weeks

28th week of pregnancy, a time when a woman bearing a multiple pregnancy is to go on maternity leave.Expectant mother with a normal pregnancy will have to wait another two weeks.However, you can easily add on to their regular maternity, unused vacation this year and have to go to rest.But, of course, not only to relax but also to prepare for childbirth.

With this week you will have to visit the antenatal clinic more than once per month, but two.There comes a very important and difficult period for you.The body is already beginning to prepare for the future and the need to leave to see to it that this training was more successful as possible.

Many kids have slowly begin to turn the head to the exit from the uterus.But even if your child has not yet made it to 28 weeks, the worry is not to be, because he there is still plenty of time, and most importantly - it is enough space in order that he might do so at any time.

Women's Health

closer approaching childbirth, the more anxious and hypochondriac be

comes a woman.After all, the expectant mother is very worried that something will go wrong and that the delivery may be premature.Do not listen to idle talk, it is better to listen carefully to their health and visit the doctor regularly in order to be able in time to take action if something suddenly goes wrong.

gestational age of 28 weeks, a time when the nature of fetal movements is somewhat different.Previously, he tumbled over in the uterus, periodically changing its posture and position, it is now, when the place for him is getting smaller, it is more likely to simply kicking and moving around, but much less frequently turned upside down.As a rule, the greatest activity it manifests when the mother is at rest, for example, lying, or sitting quietly relaxing in a comfortable chair.Normally the same time, during the day the baby calms down and fades.

At 28 weeks of pregnancy a woman can feel the pain in the lumbar region, which capture large areas and spread to the knees or below.This is not a disease and not a pathology, a womb with all its weight presses on the sciatic nerve, which causes similar symptoms.

late pregnancy - it's not too easy moment for the female body, can deteriorate when various chronic diseases or even develop new ones.So, for example, expectant mothers often develop cholelithic cholecystitis, which manifests itself dull pain in the stomach, especially on the right side belch, bouts of nausea that can end up vomiting.

Another new sensation, which may appear on the gestational age of 28 weeks - it is numbness of the hands and sometimes it may seem that for him crawl.Such a phenomenon internal swelling of tissue, compressing the nerve endings.And if a woman's body does not have enough calcium, then it can occur convulsions.

Gestational age 28 weeks - mother's food

As is known, carbohydrates are divided into simple and complex.Simple carbohydrates, which include all kinds of pastries, muffins, potatoes, white rice varieties do not contain vitamins or other nutrients, but they are extremely high in calories.

in complex carbohydrates - cellulose or starch, much less calories, but they have a lot of vitamin B, and in addition it contains magnesium, zinc, selenium.Complex carbohydrates, it is - brown rice, coarse flour products, whole grains.

understood that during pregnancy, especially at late stages of its simple carbohydrates should be reduced to a minimum, while at the same time, products containing complex carbohydrates can be used without any limitation.