How to cook risotto Chicken |How to cook risotto with chicken

Even the most inexperienced of the leaders of home cooking, quickly realized that the main components are pilaf chicken rice and chicken.Chicken body needs a source of protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that provide growth and functioning of the body.Rice, in turn, called earned storehouse of vitamins of group B. They strengthen the structure of the hair and nails, as well as the nervous system of the human body.How to cook chicken pilaf, we will tell you today.

How to cook pilaf Chicken - traditional recipe

ingredients to cook pilaf Chicken:

  • 1 kg chicken meat
  • 1 kg of rice
  • 500 g carrots
  • 300 g onion
  • salt
  • pepper
  • spices to taste,

experienced hostess recommended to use instead of the usual casserole cauldron.It pilaf turns even more crisp and fragrant.

Cooking pilaf Chicken:


To cook pilaf with chicken, it is necessary to prepare chicken.It should be pitted and cut into small pieces.Peeled onions and carrots cut into strips.The bottom of Kazanka pour a little vegetabl

e oil and fry the onion until golden brown.After cooking for pilaf with chicken add slices of chicken meat and continue to fry for a few minutes.Then add the carrots, mix it with the meat and onions, close the cauldron with a lid and simmer for 5 minutes.When the meat with vegetables fried, add spices to taste, salt and pepper.


Once all the ingredients are mixed in the cauldron it is necessary to pour water.Just enough to cover the chicken.Close cauldron with a lid and simmer for 20-25 minutes.


At the end of this time, without mixing, cover rice.Again, add water to cover the entire forthcoming mass.Cover and continue to simmer for another half hour pilaf.

put on the table a dish hot.Before serving, stir the chicken pilaf, and then treat the household.

Cooking Tips Chicken pilaf


To figure certainly turned out crumbly, it should be rinsed and fry a little.Sam pilaf then braised until cooked.With this in rice is not excess water.It does not fall apart, and are obtained crumbly.


for palatability and flavor much more you can add 2-3 cloves of garlic.


Many cookbooks during cooking pilaf with chicken also suggest to use the spices turmeric (0.5 st. Spoons), it gives the dish a nice yellow color.

How to cook risotto with chicken - alternative recipe

ingredients to cook risotto with chicken:

  • three hundred grams of chicken
  • four grams of rice
  • a hundred or a hundred and fifty grams of onion
  • two hundred grams of carrots
  • two cloves of garlic spice
  • oil

All recipes pilaf with chicken differ in their composition, even the classic, which prepare the Uzbeks.The pilaf is necessary to add any type of meat, and carrots can be replaced Repka has drawn or beets.If climb deep into the history of pilaf of chicken, then add rice to it is not necessary, you can replace it with beans or peas.By tradition, the spices, which can be added in the preparation of pilaf with chicken - it's black and red pepper, cumin and barberry.Ginger can be added as desired.

Cooking pilaf with chicken:


zirvak Prepare for cooking pilaf with chicken - is our sauce for chicken pilaf, consisting of all the components, except for rice.All components need to consistently zirvak overcook, but observe that all products have a natural color.Fry in oil components is necessary, which greatly overtempered.We need in this case to use a refined vegetable oil for cooking pilaf with chicken.


To prepare pilaf chicken we need to heat up a frying pan and fry it on our meat, we pre-cut into small pieces.If you think the meat should be with crispy crust, then fry it on high heat, and if on the contrary, that a small.The best option, of course, fry the meat over moderate heat.


Then add it to the already cooked pilaf with chicken.The taste should be stunned that all of your pets licking fingers.You will be able to prove it is not necessary to live in the East, to cook a delicious chicken pilaf.Now that you know how to cook risotto with chicken.

How to cook pilaf chicken from an ancient recipe

Ingredients for making pilaf Chicken

  • chicken 1000g
  • rice 1000g
  • carrots 800g
  • onion 250g
  • vegetable oil 300 g
  • salt15 g (to taste)
  • black pepper and cumin 5 grams (to taste)

process of preparing risotto Chicken

be more delicious pilaf with meat cockerels.With broiler chickens cooking time is reduced by half.If the chicken marinate for a day before cooking, the flavor will be much richer pilaf.

  1. eve cooking pilaf with chicken, chicken to cut into portions, sprinkle with fine salt and place in the fridge for a day.
  2. Rice for cooking pilaf with chicken, soak in warm water, onion cut into half rings, carrot sticks.
  3. To cook pilaf with chicken, pour into a cauldron oil and heat it to a bluish haze.First fry the onions until golden brown, after putting chicken and fry until golden brown, add the carrots and cook until soft.
  4. Fill the water when cooking pilaf, to cover all ingredients, season pounded in a mortar and spices and simmer until cooked chicken for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Before you fall asleep rice, zirvak remove the meat, cover rice;if necessary, top up with water, the water should be 1.5-2 cm above the rice, raise the heat to high and vaporize all the water.When the rice is ready by 90%, raise its slide, add cumin, back into the cauldron and cover the meat for further cooking pilaf with chicken.
  6. simmer for 15-20 minutes to cook pilaf with chicken.When the risotto with chicken is ready, carefully remove the meat, stir the pilaf lay heaped on the plate on top of it put a chicken.