9 Weeks Pregnant

the beginning of the 9 weeks of pregnancy have very few women do not know about his current situation, but certainly possible and such incidents.In most cases, the absence of menstruation, and signs of toxicity, and enlarge breasts, and finally, rapid test for pregnancy - all of this is irrefutable evidence that the addition is expected in your family.

Besides, now your body has a very hard time, though outwardly it is nothing unnoticed, inside is a lot of work to complete the restructuring of all systems and organs of the needs of your current state.That's why pregnant women feel tired, they want to sleep all the time, and in the morning so hard to tear his head from the pillow.

9 week of pregnancy - your baby

fetal length by 9 weeks of pregnancy is about 30 cm and its weight has already reached 4 grams.

Here, finally comes the moment when your future child disappears tail.But his back is more direct, and it all looks more like a little man.

head size is still quite large, and it seems to be dis

proportionate as compared to the rest of the body, well-formed eyes, but so far they do not have eyelids, tightens them a special membrane.

clearly visible future ears, the nose is in the middle of the face, lips appeared fully formed.It begins development of the neck, but on the whole head is tilted forward and the chin has not yet seen - it is firmly pressed against the upper chest.

The brain continues to develop, 9 weeks of pregnancy, is the formation of the part, which will continue to coordinate the movement - the cerebellum.And, by the way, the brain of the future baby has developed well enough to inform the parent body of their needs with the help of special signals.This explains the changes in the parent tastes and preferences.

The formation of the adrenal glands now appears their middle portion, which generates a very important hormone - adrenaline.Easily obtain the rudiments of a future network of the bronchi.So far it's just a short straight tube.

beginning to develop lymph system by 9 weeks of pregnancy laid nodes, formation of genitals and mammary glands.But to accurately determine the sex of the child is still far - should just about 10 weeks.

forelimbs are increasingly beginning to resemble pens, as they should be.Disappear webbing between the fingers, there is muscle, and his hands begin to move, still pretty chaotic.However, the mother of these movements still does not feel, because the fetus is too small.But these movements are very well visible on ultrasound.

How is the expectant mother

course, the expectant mother feels well all the changes that occur in her body, even if she does not realize it.At the 9th week of pregnancy, frequent urination as the uterus increased its weight rests on the bladder and reduces its free volume.Changing tastes, there may be a complete lack of appetite or, on the contrary, always want something to chew on.

While there is a feeling of drowsiness and fatigue, from time to time expectant mother may feel dizzy, it may even fall into fainting for a short time.There is a growing emotional instability, a woman becomes more difficult to control your mood, it can pursue attacks does not sound an alarm.

At 9 weeks of pregnancy comes a time when you should have to think about changing your wardrobe, because, although the stomach is quietly begins a gradual weight gain - so nature takes care of the baby is not hungry.