24 Weeks Pregnant

This week, the future mother is prescribed second ultrasound examination, and in addition now again have to pass tests: blood, mo chu, strokes.US will help to evaluate the development and the work of the placenta, its location, the bloodstream, the amount of amniotic fluid, umbilical cord vessels.If you want, now you can tell the sex of your unborn baby.If not - be upfront about the specialist who will perform the examination.Often, during the second ultrasound mom make a small entry on the electronic media, in order to have it preserved the memory of this wonderful period.

24 week of pregnancy - your baby

fetal growth is already about 330 mm, and its weight is already very close to 600 grams.

future baby's face is becoming increasingly similar to their parents, well defined ears, they are in their proper place, his eyes closed, but they are already clearly visible cilia, and the hair on the head, too, continue to grow.Well formed nose and lips.Sam the kid has grown considerably, the uterus.Goodbye

tumbling and free navigation, are now an unborn child becomes obviously closely.Kid behaves much calmer, he listens to what happens outside of his world, at the same time feeling and examining the space that surrounds it.

continuing accumulation of brown fat accumulating large reserves of energy.It is because of the subcutaneous adipose layer baby will be protected from hypothermia at birth, however, the more he will have time to save it, the better.

respiratory system has almost completed its development.The air that enters the lungs, is already able to penetrate into the smallest capillaries and alveoli.Incidentally, it was at 24 weeks' gestation, the alveoli begin to produce surfactant - a special secret that kills those bacteria that have managed to penetrate into the lungs with air, and in addition, does not allow them to stick together during respiration.Actually, after the development began surfactant, the child gains the ability to breathe on their own completely.And if in this period there will be premature birth, the child has every chance to survive outside the mother's body.Of course, if it will have the appropriate medical care.

How is the expectant mother

bottom of the uterus is much above the navel and stomach protrudes well.The body of a pregnant woman's dull, it has a significant impact on the legs, which begin very tired by the end of the day.Often they appear swelling, so you need to wear soft and comfortable shoes.Specialists also advised to wash the feet before bedtime with water at room temperature and put them on a small hill, so as to ensure the return lymphatic drainage.

Because the uterus is much pressure on blood vessels, it may impair blood circulation - especially venous outflow.In addition, hormones alter the composition of the blood and the speed of its collapse, because of what in pregnant women often develop thrombophlebitis and varicose veins.The first symptom of this disease is just the time the pain in his legs.Therefore, a pregnant woman should be examined by a specialist and, if necessary, to adhere to the prescribed course of treatment.

24 week of pregnancy brings new troubles for skin care.Now the child is growing particularly fast, which means that your skin is strongly stretched.Be sure to put on the problem areas nutritious oil and special creams against stretch marks.

Try to avoid stressful situations - your baby is well feels your condition.And if you have a lot of nervous, this can not but affect its development.