Cookies " Savoyardy " - a prescription |How to cook biscuits " Savoyardy "

Cookies "Savoyardy" how else are called "ladies' fingers" - everlasting component of the famous Tiramisu.Cookies "Savoyardy", the recipe of which you will find below, of course, better to buy, but they are not always sold.Therefore, we'll show you how to cook biscuits "Savoyardy" yourself.

Cookies "Savoyardy" - recipe ingredients

  • three eggs;
  • 100 g sugar
  • 90 g flour
  • a pinch of salt
  • 30 g of powdered sugar
  • twenty grams of butter

How to cook biscuits "Savoyardy" - instructions

cookies Exit "Savoyardy": about thirtycookie pieces "Savoyardy".


To prepare cookies "Savoyardy" yolks and 75g sugar whipped into foam.Little by little add 75 g of sifted flour, mix everything and salt.In a bowl, whip the whites in a strong foam.Carefully add the beaten egg whites to the yolk mass, all the mix.


Preheat oven to 150 ° C for the preparation of pastry "Savoyardy".Baking grease, then sprinkle with flour.Sweet Fill the syringe test (hole diameter ~ fourteen mm).It is necessary to squeeze out

a baking sticks length of ~ 10 cm. Instead the confectionery syringe you can use a clean plastic bag.It is necessary to fill it with the dough and cut the required size of the area.


powdered sugar mixed with sugar, that was according to the recipe cookie "Savoyardy".Half of this mixture pritrusit cookies "Savoyardy".Wait for 10 min., Until the sugar has dissolved, and pritrusit cookies "Savoyardy" the rest of the sugar mixture.Then wait for 2 min., Put in the oven.Cookies "Savoyardy" bake until golden state."Savoyardy" remove from pan and cool.If the biscuits are obtained dryish, it is possible later to dry them in a warm oven, but just enough to keep them on the table at night.

Tips for cooking cookies "Savoyardy"

To prepare cookies "Savoyardy" it is important that the dough was thick and the air.That cookie "Savoyardy" guaranteed to get high and porous, this is what make:


Add to the dough for biscuits "Savoyardy" 2 yolks instead of three, so that the dough was thicker.


Proteins whip chilled, so they will not get the pieces of yolk.


If you are in the whipped egg yolks with sugar, add the flour, the dough will turn thick.Not scary.However, do not enter into it all the beaten egg whites at a time.Mix well with the test only two of Art.l.whipped proteins.Following this, gently stir the dough with the remaining protein to the dough for biscuits "Savoyardy" according to our recipe has not lost airiness.


paper for baking brush with butter and sprinkle with flour, since the paper is then easier to remove cookies "Savoyardy".


Before baking thickly sprinkle cookies "Savoyardy" instead of sugar, only sugar.So it will be less likely that the proteins fall off.


Those who have no experience in the use of confectionery syringe, it is possible to make it even easier.Take the form of 25 x 35 cm to lay oiled paper and put it even layer of dough.A layer thickness of 1, 5 cm. Then, as cookies "Savoyardy" cook a biscuit to be separated from the paper and cut into rectangles measuring (two x ten cm), followed by air dry them in a warm oven.