blood pressure reduction program

If you are currently going through medical treatment, it is possible that you were also encouraged to track their weight, salt intake and reduce stress.Maybe you even advised to do relaxation exercises.Surely you intend to follow the doctor's prescription.At the same time you or heard from someone or somewhere read that meditation and relaxation, improves breathing, someone helped, and you would like to try.In addition, you sometimes pointed at minor respiratory disorders.

Know that you have made the right decision.Dr. K. Patel, a British physician, is published in the Lancet, has convincingly shown that meditation before effectively lowers blood pressure, many patients can live without drugs.Deep diaphragmatic breathing is a part of meditation and almost immediately leads to lower blood pressure.

program lowering blood pressure

program the first and second weeks

From the very beginning on the blood pressure lowering program, you'll need to regularly measure the pulse rate and blood pressure.Nat

urally, in the resting state.To remove the medical evidence can be used, practical and easy to use digital devices, which are sold in any drugstore.They say these devices do not always produce ventilation, it is very important to consciously control.

You probably do not even suspect that strain your jaw muscles, and, needless to say, they are not going to relax.That's why you should from time to time to think about it and, if necessary, to straighten out itself.

Clenching jaws - is part of the mechanism of muscle tension, typical reaction that occurs in some people to stressful situations in life.Temporomandibular joint syndrome - a pain that is accompanied by chronic spasm of the jaw muscles.

Breathing exercises for lowering blood pressure

Breathing exercises are one of the most effective methods of relaxation, relieve muscle tension and lower blood pressure.I also recommend to the extent possible to perform relaxation exercises along with breathing exercises in the moments of greatest emotional stress.

If you are frequent bouts of convulsive clenching of the jaws on the background of stress, I also recommend you do the following exercise: sit back, rounding the back, hands, relax, lower his head, his mouth slightly open, so that the lower jaw was free.(Try to take this position every time you will involuntarily contract the jaw.) Sit for a minute or so.

my Experience shows that some cases of temporomandibular joint syndrome is proving to be not related to the stress caused by stress.There are many examples when they were the result of not timely identified problems with bite.

daily morning and evening, measure and record the pressure readings in the form below.If you have been excluded from the diet products that contain substances that cause a decrease or increase in pressure, compare the pressure at rest with the pressure that you had before the changes in the diet.

Now start breathing exercises.When you develop the skill of deep diaphragmatic breathing to such an extent that the stop notice efforts, you will be able to perform one series of exercises as a preventive measure in the following situations:

  • before the meeting;
  • during or after important meetings or other similar event;
  • waiting for transport;
  • in traffic;
  • in the queue to the cashier;
  • during an argument between the children;
  • when a neighbor rumbles music;
  • when making a presentation is not as we would like;
  • when a bank employee can not find your account.

I'm sure you will not be difficult to assess the severity of the situations in life that cause you worsening mood, stress, panic or stress.List them in order of the negative impact on you, starting with the most unpleasant.

1. ____

2. ___

3. _____

4. __

5. __

Make it a rule to perform a series of breathing exercises (4 inhale-exhale cycle) before, during or after anya similar situation.

Watch out for foods that you consume, measure blood pressure and heart rate at least twice a day.This will help you determine whether you fit this program.