Symptoms of Leukemia

Hemoblastosis - is a collective term for a tumor disease of hematopoietic tissue.The source of tumor growth in hemoblastoses are immediate descendants of stem cells - precursors of the individual germ hematopoiesis.Tumors formed from these cells, characterized by their systemic failure that is due to early metastasis on hematopoietic system.

Causes of Leukemia

most important feature because of which the symptoms appear Leukemia is inhibition of normal hematopoiesis germs, sometimes several at a time, sometimes selectively separate, but first and foremost of which is developed from hematological malignancies.All hematological malignancies are monoklonovuyu (benign) and polyclonal (cancerous) stage of development.

differentiated cells that make up tumors chronic hematological malignancies naturally replaced by blasts, which indicates the occurrence of blast crisis, or gematosarkomy development.As the hemoblastosis tumor cells acquire the ability to grow out of the blood: proliferative from tumor cells

appear in the skin, kidneys, meninges, etc.

Symptoms Leukemia

Leukemia Group and their symptoms

  • leukemia - hematological malignancies with the primary tumor.bone marrow;
  • gematosarkomy - hemoblastoses primary local tumor growth outside the bone marrow.

Both Leukemia Group combines histogenetic kinship stem cells and mutual transformation.For example, leukemia may be at a certain stage of its development is manifested by tumor growths of bone marrow (leukemia sarkomatizatsiya) and bone marrow (leukemization gematosarkom) may be affected by dissemination gematosarkom.Causes of Leukemia symptoms finally installed.However, the role of viruses studied, ionizing radiation, chemical mutagens and hereditary abnormalities in the genesis of different forms.

forms of leukemia in hemoblastoses

Leukemia can be acute or chronic.Leukemia is based on dividing the acute and chronic clinical symptoms are not laid, the nature or duration of the disease course and morphological characteristics of tumor cells, leukemia substrate components in bone marrow.Under acute leukemia understand these types of leukemia, which are based on hematologic tumor cells incapable of differentiation (blast cells).

Chronic leukemia - neoplastic diseases of the hematopoietic system, in which the mature or maturing cells, the bulk of the tumor morphological substrate is presented.Gematosarkomy divided into limfogranulomatoz nelimfogranulomatoznye and lymphoma.