The plot of the allergy by Natalia Stepanova , Siberian healer

Allergy - a very high sensitivity of the body's immune system to the influence of some environmental factors known irritants or allergens.Conspiracy allergy is one of the treatment options.The plot of Natalia Stepanova, Siberian healer, is an effective method of folk, popular these days.

Conspiracy allergy by Natalia Stepanova, Siberian healer

This is one of the charms of Natalia Stepanova against stimuli, ie allergies.The plot of the Siberian healer should be read carefully in the towel:

¬ęThe Lord told his disciples:" Go, help, heal. "And I say, God's servant (name), come, help, heal.As the deceased if no, no pain or itching on the body, and I would be the cause of God and to the word healthy.Amen".

You will need to wash, then, wipe your face with the same towel.The plot of the allergy by Natalia Stepanova need to repeat twelve consecutive days.

Allergy causes of the disease

irritants include:. Dust, chemicals, wool, microbes and their derivatives, foods, pollen and other allergy symptoms pure

ly individual.Allergic diseases have several varieties: dermatitis, allergic arthritis, food allergies, and drug, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, urticaria.The development of many infectious diseases lead to allergies, which in this case may be called contagious.

way, most often causes allergies are some foods such as eggs, milk, strawberries, meat (including chicken), fish, chocolate, citrus fruits.Sometimes stimuli may even be cold or heat.Reasons why allergies are some, even minor abnormalities in the endocrine and nervous systems, negative emotions, and brain injury.

If we analyze the current picture of diseases and their causes, it can be seen that the rapid development of civilization entails a significant increase in allergens.It should be systematically engaged in training your body for resistance to various external influences.

Home treatment of allergy

Not only plot against allergies need to know to get rid of it, but also need to think about proper nutrition, as well as the need as much time to be outdoors, as well as sports.Selection of drugs that affect and improve the positive dynamics of disease treatment, always complex and is individual for each patient.These recommendations are general in nature and are not aimed at any certain stimuli.Selection of the desired product is carried out only practical way.