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Cough is a defensive reaction that clears the respiratory tract.Cough is manifested as a strong expiratory movement, reflex occurs in contact with the mucous stimulus when this happens, the body tries to get rid of it.

If you are faced with the question of how to treat the chest cough, then you urgently need to see a doctor.Why so serious?Because it is the chest cough may occur as a result of diseases, which are very serious.These conditions should include aortic aneurysm, inflammation of the bronchi and lungs, as well as a variety of problems with your heart.To exclude these options, you need to with the help of a specialist to establish a specific diagnosis, just make sure it's just a common cold, and not something dangerous.

Treatment of breast cough cough

This requires substantial measures to help deal with it.


How to treat chest cough?The first thing you do is important to focus on the warming of the thoracic cough.To do this, you can use not just mustard and banks, but also many folk rem

edies.For example, alcohol and oil in equal proportions produce a remarkable effect if a wet piece of cloth, and put them on the one hand on the chest and on the other hand at the back.Be sure to wrap in cellophane, so that the process has taken a qualitative nature.On top we put on a sweater and wrapped in a blanket.So you can sleep through the night, and take off in the morning.Continue this procedure for the treatment of breast cough until recovery.


For those who came face to face with the symptoms of breast cough, you need to take a decoction of raisins.To start breast-cough treatment, you will need a hundred grams of raisins, which is necessary to add water and simmer for about twenty minutes.The resulting broth is cooled, and he raisins a good squeeze.We drink this broth half a cup four times a day.


Kalinovy ​​syrup - is the perfect remedy to cure coughing, plus a handy tool for the treatment of breast cough in children, because it is also delicious.For the preparation of a medicament for the treatment of breast cough itself need viburnum, sugar and hot peppers (three pods).We put everything in a saucepan and fill with water from above (about a liter).Now carefully boil, subtracting the fire at the boil.Such is the need to protomai syrup on the fire for about four hours.At the end of cooking procedures, eliminate pepper, and I was skipping through a sieve and return to our syrup.Next, you must send the syrup in the refrigerator.Assuming it is necessary several times a day for half an hour before a meal.

Symptoms of breast cough

Quite often, pain in chest cough chest appear as a consequence of over-voltage intercostal muscles.Muscle skeleton of the chest is in constant tension with the chest cough.Myositis may appear, symptoms are: pain when coughing, pain with a deep breath, pain when moving, discomfort when lying on his chest.Such thoracic symptoms of cough symptoms resemble pneumonia.However, myositis differs significantly from pneumonia, pain that occurs when coughing, movement or breaths are not concentrated at a single point.A second difference lies in the fact that if the space between the ribs to probe the pain, the patient is there a twinge.Therefore, chest cough view - it is not always a sign of pneumonia.If you are suffering from breast long cough, you should seek medical advice.Him will be carried out the necessary amount of research, and will also be diagnosed and prescribed treatment of breast cough.If a cough, treat yourself, it can bring great harm to the body.

Causes of breast cough


thoracic mediastinal cough happens with retrosternal goiter, mediastinal tumors when and by increasing the mediastinal nodes.


Thoracic respiratory cough occurs when laryngitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis, pleurisy, bronchitis and pneumonitis.


Thoracic cardiac cough is characteristic of patients who suffer from heart disease.

Thoracic kind of cough may be a sign of inflammation of the bronchi, increase in mediastinal limfouzolov, appearance retrosternal goiter, or heart failure.It has long been established that the complaints of the chest type of cough more often treated women than men.This cough can be a companion sets of bronchopulmonary diseases, including bronchitis, lung cancer, lung emphysema, tracheitis, pneumonia, pharyngitis, or pulmonary tuberculosis.With all of these diseases is important thorough diagnosis and attention.Even an experienced doctor can not diagnose himself alone.

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