Acute / Bilateral pneumonia - symptoms, treatment , causes

Acute pneumonia - is an inflammatory disease that affects the alveoli, interstitial tissue or the vascular system of the lungs.If the inflammatory process develops in only one lung, pneumonia called unilateral, if the disease affects both lungs - duplex.Pneumonia can occur with different pathogenesis and different etiologies.

Acute pneumonia - symptoms, treatment, causes

symptoms of acute pneumonia

Acute pneumonia is characterized by such symptoms: the active principle with a sharp rise in temperature, strong and often painful cough, initially dry.A few days later - with sputum and wheezing in the chest.Quite often, patients with acute pneumonia begins to suffer from intoxication, which is manifested by headaches, general weakness and aches in joints and muscles.

Treatment of acute pneumonia

to establish an accurate diagnosis of acute pneumonia is necessary to fluoroscopic study of the chest, and take sputum, blood and urine samples to identify the causative agent.The cases should be implici

t conduct further bronchoscopy and lung biopsy.

Treatment of acute pneumonia with antibiotics and spend, and initially prescribed broad-spectrum drugs, as well as the exact causative agent is identified, antimicrobial therapy should be adjusted if necessary.Thus, to choose the most appropriate drug for the treatment of pneumonia, which will help to achieve the greatest effect.

Causes of acute pneumonia

Until the middle of last century, in the majority of cases of acute pneumonia caused by various strains of pneumococci, and only in some cases as agents were other bacteria from the family of cocci.However, at the present time due to the fact that the widespread use of antibiotics and sulfonamides has resulted in a significant change in reactivity, flora, released in sputum seeding, too, has changed significantly.Now here is dominated by staphylococci, enterococci, streptococci, E. coli and Proteus.

In particular, during a flu outbreak, the absolute predominance in the seedings belongs staphylococcus.

addition, the acute symptoms of pneumonia can cause as mycoplasma, viruses, rickettsia, chlamydia, spirochetes, and pathogenic fungi.In addition, pneumonia can cause acute and non-infectious factors, such as chemical or radiation injury.Acute pneumonia in case of delays in identifying and properly prescribed therapy can lead to severe consequences, up to death of the patient.

bilateral pneumonia - symptoms, treatment

One of the most severe forms of the disease is considered severe bilateral pneumonia.

symptoms of bilateral pneumonia

disease is characterized by sudden onset.Suddenly, for no apparent reason the patient begins symptoms such as chills, very strong, which does not save any blankets, then suddenly and rapidly rising temperature is very high.When unilateral inflammation of the patient feels symptoms such as pain in the side.The symptoms of bilateral pneumonia: a circular area of ​​pain in the chest and shoulder blades, shortness of breath, prolonged bouts of painful cough, sometimes - with blood.Patients with bilateral pneumonia, the lungs cease to supply the body with oxygen and in the absence of timely treatment, the onset of death is almost inevitable.

Treatment bilateral pneumonia

Surprisingly, there are still people who believe that bilateral pneumonia, a disease that is similar to the common cold.Meanwhile, deaths from pneumonia, especially among the weakest groups of the population - the elderly and children, is about 20%.Especially dangerous is two-sided form of the disease that affects both lungs simultaneously.

very important when the first symptoms of bilateral pneumonia, seek medical advice.If an acute bilateral pneumonia - not to perform feats and do not go to the clinic for yourself - you can not just walk to.Immediately call an ambulance and go to the hospital for treatment of bilateral pneumonia.Bilateral pneumonia - it is a very dangerous disease, in which it is difficult to predict its outcome.Therefore it is very important that you treat pulmonologist experts and to bilateral pneumonia treatment was started as soon as possible.