Diaphragmatic breathing technique

Mastering this tehnikimozhno accelerate using a spirometer.It allows you to measure tidal volume at any load.Although in most cases, asthma is the main problem is not the amount of breaths and exhalation, increase inspiratory volume has a beneficial effect on the volume of exhalation.

impression that asthmatics are trying to hold in reserve the lungs of air.The way it is.They can easily breathe, but exhale less air than healthy people.Educating your patients deep diaphragmatic breathing, especially abdominal retraction by reducing the abdominal muscles with each exhalation, we give them the opportunity to increase the amount of exhalation.inspiratory volume increases when they exhale the maximum amount of air.Education is a full breath while training full exhalation.

spirometer is a graduated transparent cylinder with a piston.Side tube exits therefrom at the other end of which is secured a mouthpiece.Thus, the patient is able to control the amount of each phase of respiration.

technique diaphragmat

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patient sits in front of a spirometer, which is located at the level of the mouth.Unbuttoning and weakens garments, snare, such as waist belt or zipper.Then, the instructor explains to him the procedure for using a spirometer, and he performs 1-2 respiratory cycles to demonstrate how to breathe (ie mouth to inhale and exhale nose).A small indicator on the unit will go up along with the inhaled air.It can help you to determine the maximum inspiratory volume.After each cycle, the indicator pointer can be returned to its original position.

At the beginning of training should be written benchmarks, which later become the starting point for comparing the results achieved.To this end, the patient should be done with eyes closed five normal breaths.Between inhalation and exhalation should be given the opportunity to return the piston to its original position.Then the patient must perform a maximum of five full breaths.The volume of each breath to be recorded.

Before the first lesson the instructor should explain to the patient the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing, as well as to talk about how to perform a full exhalation by reducing abdominal muscles.Then the patient must breathe slowly, the maximum bulging belly, then completely relax the muscles of the shoulder girdle and chest and exhale.

Usually I demonstrate the technique of exercise on your own spirometer.By the way, during breathing patient should neither raise nor to expand the chest.

Use abdominal breathing techniques

This technique training abdominal breathing technique is very useful for people suffering from panic attacks and anxiety.The development of easy breathing gives them a sense of confidence.Some patients should be taught to relax the muscles of the shoulder girdle, because, as a rule, people enslaved during inhalation, raise the shoulders.

Some people are very shy, and for this reason shy bulging belly.Such diffidence to be overcome.For greater clarity, it is desirable to show the patient his problem in an exaggerated form.Much help can be rendered.For example, during inhalation can represent an air funnel is drawn into your lungs to breath and leaves them on the exhale.

breathing exercises take 15 minutes on average.Five normal breaths, followed by five and a maximum filling of the lungs.The results of each exercise should be carefully performed to record in the log.