Oxygen deficiency of the organism

Hypoxia is usually severe oxygen deficiency.Step hypoxia shows a lower degree of oxygen deficiency.Both terms refer to a form of chronic reducing the amount of oxygen supplied to the brain and other body tissues.

What can cause oxygen deficiency?

Typically, the metabolism in the body of about 93% are aerobic in nature (oxygen reacts with glucose, whereby energy is released).In humans with chronic speeded up, and hence the surface breathing insufficient ventilation causes lowering oxygen levels in the body.Along with this change metabolic process and may occur drastic increase in the proportion of anaerobic metabolism.In the process of anaerobic metabolism of glucose the body instead of burning other fuels.This leads to enhanced generation of lactic acid by the body, especially in the brain.

increased lactic acid content is poorly tolerated by the body, and it seeks to find a way to restore the acid-alkaline balance.One way to do this is to increase the breathing rate, thereby resulting in the withd

rawal of blood carbon dioxide decreases its potential acidifying.It is now believed that in most cases unexplained hyperventilation associated with the accumulation of lactic acid in the body.

If you have a chronic form of hyperventilation, and a predisposition to panic attacks, the worsening of the disease is only a matter of time.Such attacks are needed to cleanse the body tissues and blood.Once the level of lactic acid in the brain reaches a certain value, any situation can provoke an aggravation.People prone to panic attacks, much more acutely than others, respond to changes in the brain lactic acid levels.


fear of air travel, or aerophobia - phenomenon is puzzling.Fear of what?Usually it is not the fear of planes, not even fear of heights.People suffering aerophobia not even feel a special fear of the probability of death in a plane crash.

in the passenger seat of the aircraft aerophobia is more like claustrophobia.The most that you can be afraid of, it's that close the door, then you have a overwhelming desire to leave the plane, but you can not do that.But why do you feel the fear of the inability to leave the airplane?Maybe something in the cabin makes you subconsciously feel uncomfortable?

What can be caused by panic attacks on a plane?

Based on the belief that panic attacks are associated with breathing, the first thing I began to find out that the cabin can affect breathing.Maybe anoxia associated with the flight altitude?

No one ever thought about the fact that the cause of flight panic attacks and fear can be a reaction to the drop in pressure in the cabin.

the cabin provides pressure corresponding to an altitude of 1500-2000 meters above sea level, while the actual height of the flight passenger jet may be 8000-13 000 m. However, at an altitude of 1,500-2,000 m in the low atmospheric pressure conditions occurreduced oxygen levels in the blood, which causes a feeling of discomfort, most people are not accustomed to such a height.

Typically, such a reduction of oxygen levels in the brain has almost no influence on it.

Although the cause of panic attacks and agoraphobia continues to be debated, doubts arise in the course of disputes that such attacks are associated with breathing.My experience has shown that learning proper breathing often helps to overcome these ills.