Fungal / Bacterial pneumonia - symptoms, treatment , causes

Depending on what exactly caused its mushrooms, fungal pneumonia is divided into three main types: histoplasmosis, coccidioidomycosis, and blastomycosis.There are other types of the disease, but they are much rarer.

Fungal pneumonia - symptoms, treatment, causes

Symptoms of fungal pneumonia

Symptoms of fungal pneumonia several different depending on what type of pathogen caused the disease, but in general they are similar.If fungal pneumonia yet started to develop, the patient has symptoms such: he begins to cough, his fever, muscle pain appear.Fungal infection causes ostrotekuschuyu pneumonia, which can sometimes last up to 3 months.In some cases, again, depending on the pathogen, fungal infection can capture and other organs.Therefore, it is important to promptly begin treatment of fungal pneumonia.

Now you know the main causes of fungal pneumonia, its symptoms and treatments.

Treatment of fungal pneumonia

Fungal pneumonia is diagnosed by sputum culture and blood test.

In identifying sputum fungal pneumonia shown treatment with antifungal drugs.In addition, for the treatment of fungal pneumonia appointed restorative therapy, which includes vitamin complexes, immunomodulatory agents, but also - health-building activities.Antibiotic therapy for fungal pneumonia is not carried out.

Who is at risk for the disease fungal pneumonia?As mentioned above, these are the people whose immune system is weakened due to age or some long-term chronic diseases - asthma, allergies, diabetes.

should oneself to pregnant women, as well as those people who do organ transplants.Activate the symptoms of fungal pneumonia, chronic bronchitis and tonsillitis, caries, goiter.Among the larger percentage of cases of children and elderly patients.It relaxes body and long-term use of drugs - especially antibiotics, prolonged fasting, and besides - the spring beriberi.

causes of fungal pneumonia

I must say that most people are not even aware that their body has already settled this infection, because if the symptoms once and appear very small.But in those cases, when the body is significantly weakened by some disease or decreased immunity, fungal pneumonia can develop in a very dangerous disease.

organism infection fungal pneumonia occurs by inhalation of fungal spores in the air wearing, for example, in those areas where there is mold on the walls.Mold can be rotten boards, shavings, conditioning or just older products - bread or vegetables.

Bacterial pneumonia - symptoms, treatment, causes

Symptoms of bacterial pneumonia

This pneumonia is divided into several types.First of all, it is pneumonia, which was acquired in hospital institutions - hospital, it is - home, aspiration pneumonia and pneumonia, immunodeficiency.

Infection Bacterial pneumonia can occur in different ways.This inhalation of various foreign objects.In particular, food particles, and the airborne route, and infection to the lungs of the nearby foci of inflammation and injury of the chest.

development of bacterial pneumonia symptoms begin with fever and cough with obsessive expectoration.Sputum is usually mucous and purulent, greenish or rusty color.If pneumonia is accompanied by pleurisy, the pain is felt in the chest, shortness of breath but is only in the absence of pleurisy.The patient feels general weakness, he quickly tired, and night sweats profusely.

Treatment of bacterial pneumonia

For more accurate diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia is necessary to chest X-rays, as well as take blood and sputum for culture.

Bacterial pneumonia can occur in mild form, which does not need hospitalization and in severe, in which the patient must be put in the hospital.

treatment of bacterial pneumonia, before the results of clinical tests of sputum to be received, the destination begins with antimicrobials by the standard procedure.It is important that the patient drink plenty of fluids - at least two liters daily to ensure constant secretion of mucus and its expectoration free.During the first three days you must carefully observe the condition of the patient and monitor the dynamics of his condition.If the speaker will be positive, therefore, the treatment is selected properly if it does not, the scheme should be changed urgently.

forecast and course of the disease depends on various factors.Of course, much depends on the pathogen and how timely treatment of bacterial pneumonia.It plays an important role and the general condition of the patient's immune system, as well - his age.

cause of bacterial pneumonia

Bacterial pneumonia - an acute or chronic inflammation that occurs in the lower respiratory tract due to lesions of bacterial infection.This pneumonia is most often caused by pneumococci, anaerobic bacteria, staphylococcus and Gram-negative rods.In the group of risk of bacterial pneumonia are people abusing alcohol, chronic lung diseases, particularly - obstructive, diabetics and those with diagnosed heart failure.

Now you know the causes of bacterial pneumonia, its manifestations and treatment symptoms.