Lung inflammation in cats : what and how to treat

If your home favorite supercooled or do you feed her frozen food, drink very cold water, it can be such a nasty disease, like pneumonia.The disease can occur in cats and a secondary, as a complication of diseases such as bronchitis.Provoke inflammation of the lungs and can lack of vitamins in the diet, or simply inadequate malnourished cats.

symptoms of lung inflammation in cats

In most cases, pneumonia in cats combined with inflammation of the bronchial tubes, that is, cats usually suffer from bronchopneumonia.It can occur as acute, and have a chronic form.

Usually, at the beginning of pneumonia cat becomes sluggish and sleepy, she is depressed, and a little reluctant to move, it does not fit into the bowl with the food.Then, the animal begins to dull and often cough, if you measure the temperature of the body, it would be increased, the cat often, and breathing hard, and perhaps showing signs of shortness of breath.

possible manifestation of the common cold with pneumonia in cats, with purulent d

ischarge and have an unpleasant odor heavy.If you listen to the chest, then it clearly tapped wheezing.Lack of breath and oxygen starvation may occur cyanosis of the mouth.

If you do not immediately begin to treat inflammation of the lungs, then the cat, it may be complicated by a variety of serious consequences - general intoxication of the body, cardiovascular collapse and your darling may die.

Lung inflammation in cats: how and what to treat?

In order to make an accurate diagnosis of pneumonia in cats specialist must conduct clinical research, as well as the need to do chest x-ray of the animal cells.But before going to the doctor, the cat is necessary to provide first aid.For this purpose it is placed in a dry and warm environment in which to provide the rest.Most importantly - make sure that the room where the animal from pneumonia, were completely absent drafts.

To treat pneumonia cat need to give more warm drinks and in order to support the body nutrition should be enriched with vitamins and further and give the animal vitamin and mineral complex.At the same time, the food should not be indigestible, even better, if it is liquid.

Once is diagnosed with pneumonia, cat prescribed therapy based on antibiotics and sulfonamides.Just to treat pneumonia using expectorants and Allergy tools and phytotherapeutic drugs.