Pneumonia in pregnancy symptoms and treatment

Not everyone at the first signs of a cough or runny nose will run the clinic.However, a very serious disease - inflammation of the lungs during pregnancy may have the exact same symptoms are harmless.A pneumonia during pregnancy can occur especially hard, because the body of the future mother is very vulnerable.Also in pregnant diaphragm it is quite high, because it raises the uterus to the developing fetus in it.This makes it impossible to process the full breath because the lungs are not able to move to the full path of your stroke.In addition, the cardiovascular system during pregnancy is experiencing additional stress.

Treatment of pneumonia in pregnancy

Pneumonia during pregnancy does not cause pathological changes in pregnancy, so do not be afraid that you will have to interrupt her, it is not.However, if you do not start it in time to treat, it can negatively affect your health, and possibly on labor, especially when pneumonia occurs in the last trimester of pregnancy.Therefore, it is better t

o get rid of before the moment of birth.

Most importantly - do not engage in any self-medicate.Because many drugs are used to carry out the treatment of pneumonia in pregnancy is quite harmless in normal times, but they can be very dangerous for the unborn baby.And to treat inflammation of the lungs can only be a specialist.This is especially important when there is inflammation in the lungs of pregnancy.It is necessary to take into account all the nuances and contraindications to the appropriate treatment of pneumonia.

And do not worry.In most cases, when properly administered, and the therapy of lung inflammation is completely curable, even during pregnancy.

symptoms of pneumonia during pregnancy

diseases pneumonia are seasonal and often they occur, when installed on the street cold weather.The thing is that hypothermia provokes development of pneumonia.Furthermore, pneumonia caused by some viruses, as is well known, influenza viruses is particularly active in the cold season.

Pneumonia during pregnancy is especially dangerous if it occurs latently, without showing overt symptoms.So you can not have such typical symptoms of pneumonia, as a high temperature or an active cough and inflammation in the lungs yet can develop.That is why as soon as you have the first symptoms of pneumonia, be sure to consult with the attending physician, and not write off all to the usual malaise.