Penicillin allergy symptoms |How are allergic to penicillin

allergy to penicillin can occur in anyone.And this is understandable and even obvious, because the body's immune system is always struggling with something alien and unknown to him.If you have an allergic reaction to penicillin - not the fact that you will be allergic to antibiotics, becausethis type of allergy involves the denial of this particular antibiotic.Furthermore, this allergy can be difficult uncomfortable and actually dangerous to life.So if you see at certain reactions and symptoms, the medication is better not to use in the context of treatment.

How are allergic to penicillin?

So, you can designate the following risk factors for allergies to penicillin:


When penicillin allergy tests have a positive result is found.This type of analysis is assigned and interpreted allergist who, after putting you relevant analyzes easily detect the presence of the allergies you have.


After receiving penicillin have manifested rash or any other symptoms characteristic of allergic reactions.Ther

efore, when the reception need to be quite attentive.


If you have had anaphylaxis or angioedema, you yourself, without relevant studies have found - it is quite likely is allergic to penicillin.Therefore, this drug should be canceled and be used to treat any other medications.

Symptoms of allergy to penicillin

How are allergic to penicillin?Found himself the symptoms of allergy to penicillin is not difficult, becauseits symptoms occur quite rapidly due to exposure to certain substances in human blood.Of course, when it comes to complex treatment and you eat a whole bunch of antibiotics - to understand what the cause is much more complicated and can not do without consulting a doctor.However, an allergic reaction to penicillin is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • skin redness and rash;
  • hives and blisters;
  • irritation of the lips,
  • swelling of the face, tongue and neck.

the presence of at least one of the above symptoms, the first thing that should make everyone have allergies - to refuse to accept an antibiotic.No irritant - no reaction.Here everything is simple and logical.But we must remember that the cure allergies or completely impossible to get rid of it.But aggravate it easy, and the more power is gaining a type of allergy, the greater the likelihood that you can begin to overcome and others.