Could be allergic to diapers

Pampers - the saviors of lazy parents who genuinely lazy to wash natural pelenochki, are inherently much more harmless of the present invention.Yes, it's really good ... I put on diapers and baby preet it a day to once again my mother did not have to put him on the potty.But diapers can cause allergies - this is one side of the coin.A new generation of "pampersnichkov" proved that due to frequent socks in children uneven legs.And no wonder, because with the birth of a baby is quite soft bone, immature joints, which are formed only in order to later become a reliable pillar of the skeleton.But diapers do not provide an opportunity to develop the bones and the body as a whole, naturally.

Could be allergic to the diapers?

If we talk about issues such as allergies, then there is generally a dark forest.Here, for example, put a diaper on the baby.When it will change?When it reaches its maximum weight indicated on the packaging?This is how much, I'm sorry, the child needs to napisyat, taking into account th

e fact that it does so not in the greatest quantities ?!And well, if the diapers will be changed immediately after the baby, "I went on the big."

Whether cold or hot - the body of a baby in diapers preet.Often this becomes a major cause of allergies.Then Momma observed in their offspring such allergy symptoms: red rash, the baby starts to itch and weep.Also there is another factor of allergic reaction to diapers - the evaporation of urine, which is then absorbed into the skin.It literally poisons the upper layers of the child's delicate skin epithelium.It turns out that the body get rid of unwanted substances, and they are, in fact, will not disappear.Here are all the reasons why children appear severe irritation and allergy symptoms on diapers.But it is necessary to take into account the possible consequences.If the baby appeared allergic to the diapers, it is said that his immune system is not very strong and does not rule out the possibility of visiting any other allergies.You may experience problems with the genitourinary system, which in the future may bring serious discomfort.

Now you know whether there can be allergic to the diapers.It remains to decide what to do, so it does not appear in your child.In order to avoid an allergic reaction to diapers, the best thing you can do - give up the use of diapers.Of course, if they are, then do not use them at all - a bit logical.Nobody forbids to wear it when you go for a walk in the cold season, or if you go to someone to visit.However, it is not necessary, and in the morning and in the afternoon and evening wear diapers your baby to avoid possible difficulties.