Allergy symptoms paint |Allergy to paint what to do

Not for whom the secret will be the fact that hair dye is capable of causing serious allergies.So if you decide to dye your hair a certain color, consider the fact that allergic to the paint may occur regardless of whether you want it or not.And first necessary to pass a series of so-called preventive procedures.In order to do this you need to perform the following activities:

How to check the paint for allergies?


To learn how to manifest allergic to paint, apply a bit of her skin.The most popular place - leather wrist or in the crook of the elbow.This is the most delicate areas of the skin which is quite sensitive to any stimuli.The paint is enough to keep a couple of hours, becauseif you are allergic to paint - its symptoms do not take long to wait.What to do if you find some kind of allergy symptoms: redness, itching, or even any trouble?Choose a different paint.


Read the paint composition.The fact is that there you can find some substance to which you are allergic.Therefore, it is obvi

ously inappropriate means for the coloring of your hair.

Symptoms of allergies to paint

In order to know how to deal with a particular allergy, you need to clearly establish the root cause, because of which, in fact, she appears.The paint is the most common allergen - PPD.It is a part of almost all hair dyes, asa kind of fixer color effects and can not do without it.And he is the cause of allergies in almost all people who are faced with an allergy to paint.

general allergy symptoms occur because the immune system does not have a presentation that for the external stimulus affects it and, accordingly, considering it an allergen, shall take all measures as a fight.It is therefore logical that women feel itchy.But for the sake of beauty, they are able to literally everything, and this symptom is itching for them means that the paint does its job.But it should not be!Therefore, at the slightest discomfort you need to get rid of the potential impact of the paint on the skin of your head.

What to do if you are allergic to paint?

first thing you need to do if symptoms of allergy to paint - wash it, if at the moment it works on your hair.Then you need all sorts of ways to relieve irritation and inflammation.Many do this by infusion of chamomile broth.It does not just soothe damaged skin, but also has the ability to repair damaged skin.And most importantly - give up entirely on the paint, which causes your allergic reactions.Remember that initially manifested allergic to paint a fairly gentle, but gradually becomes more aggravated, and the damage is more noticeable.Now you know exactly what to do if you are allergic to the paint.